Kitten D'Amour Dress Up Doll


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Now you can have your very own 'Dolly' to dress up in your favourite Kitten D'Amour Design!

'Dolly' comes with her own stand to allow you to take 'Dolly' with you wherever you go! 'Dolly' is also magnetized so she can sit comfortably on your fridge!

Each Dress Up Doll comes with a selection of designs from the 'La Parisienne', 'My Giddy Aunt' and the 'Kiss Me Again Darling' Collections. We have also included a sheet of accessories to allow you to accessorize 'Dolly' in your own unique way!  

We hope to release more 'Dress Up Dolls' and designs in the near future. This current 'Doll' is based on the well known Kitten D'Amour Character depicted on the Kitten D'Amour PinBall machines! 

The doll is 17.5cm tall.

NOT SUITABLE for children under 3 years old due to some parts being a possible choking hazard.


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