D'Amour Classics

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      Great fashion is timeless, elegant, and adaptable. This is partially what make all Kitten
      D’Amour designs so dazzling and fabulous. Every collection offers beautiful new designs, sometimes created to a specific, so it’s no wonder that our beautiful Kittens wait with eager anticipation for every release!

      Between collections, and occasionally alongside them, there
      are the gorgeous ‘D’Amour Classics’.

      ‘D’Amour Classics’ are almost a collection all by themselves We constantly add and update our range of ‘Classic’ designs. While our regularly released collections offer limited quantities of each design, popular styles of ‘D’Amour Classics’ can be recreated from time to time in new racing colours and ‘tweaked’ designs. That way, if you missed out on a beautiful dress from the ‘D’Amour Classics’ range from the past or perhaps hoped for another dress in a similar style but in a different colour, there is always a chance that you might just see it again!

      It isn’t just dresses that you can find in our ‘D’Amour Classics’. Stunning lace shrugs,
      curvaceous corsets, sweet singlets and knit tops; the list goes on and on!
      It’s a bona fide candy store for any fashionable Kitten, and one that could hold new treasures any day of the week.

      If the next collection seems just out of reach, you can always count on the ‘D’Amour
      Classics’ for your next fashionable favourite.