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      Kitten D’Amour has a well-deserved reputation for producing beautiful designs, and possibly the most famous of which are our gorgeous Kitten D’Amour designer dresses! We would like to think that they are certainly some of the best vintage inspired dresses designed in Australia. All of our designs come from our very talented designer, Alana Smith. Creator of all of our pretty dresses and all things Kitten! A fierce love of fashion, and especially French fashion, Alana’s Great, Great, Great Grandmother worked as a popular fashion designer in late 1800s Paris. Alana’s passion for creating vintage dresses seems to have been passed down to her from her distant ancestor!

      The styles of our beautiful dresses are as diverse as their inspirations. Over the years that Kitten D’Amour has been creating beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories….we have seen styles in vintage dresses, rockabilly dresses, fit and flare dresses, lace dresses, cotton dresses, wiggle dresses, 1950s dresses, cocktail dresses, retro fashion and pinup girl clothing, as well as many others! There is certainly no shortage of pretty dresses where Kitten is concerned; we’ve created everything from bridesmaid dresses to the classic little black dress! If you hunger for styles in the spirit of pinup Australia or a beautiful sparkly dress, Kitten D’Amour is the brand for you.

      While ‘Kitten’ doesn’t always create collections for specific events, our pinup dresses are often suitable for all manner of occasions. Our vintage dresses make for perfect bridesmaid dresses, and over the years our fabulous Kitten guests have styled their designs to wear at weddings, formal balls and race day events. The occasional sparkly dress that we produce can also double as an amazing cocktail dress! Our pinup girl clothing has you covered from Monday to Sunday with the most beautiful designer dresses. There really is nothing quite like our vintage dress designs!

      For a more casual kind of style, Kitten D’Amour absolutely excels with retro fashion. From soft cotton dresses to the fun fit and flare dress, and the iconic rockabilly dress style, there are no shortage of Kitten designer dresses to work with your everyday look. Of course, like the beautiful French fashion that started it all, there is nothing wrong with bringing a little bit of wonder into your regular wardrobe. Why shouldn’t you wear a lace dress to the park? Who’s going to stop you from wearing the ultimate little black dress to the grocery store? A wiggle dress at the post office would look quit stunning. If you want to emulate a races day dress without actually attending a race, we say all the better! These pretty dresses can suit all manner of events, and fashion should never be limited to just practicality.

      Of course it’s all well and good to have all the motivation to wear the best retro fashion, but it can be hard to figure out what you look good in. How do you choose between a 1950s dress, like the fit and flare dress, and the sparkly dress? What about the rest of pinup Australia? How can you pick between a cotton dress and a wiggle dress? How do you know if modern French fashion works for you? 

      That’s where our Kitten team comes in. Read the Kitten D'Amour Blog to find your style! Whether you’re shopping online or visiting us in store, our Kittens know everything there is to know about vintage dresses. All of our pinup dresses are designed to suit a wide range of body types- we want everyone to feel beautiful in our Kitten D'Amour designer dresses- our Kitten team is there to guide you towards the best styles for you.

      Whether you look best in a lace dress, a little black dress, a 1950s dress, or a rockabilly dress; our Kittens will help you find your perfect look. If you have an event coming up and you need a cocktail dress, or a bridesmaid dress, or a races day dress, the Kittens will have the perfect styling advice for you. 
      So if you’re shopping for beautiful dresses, Kitten D’Amour is the brand you need.