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      Kitten D'Amour has been Designing & manufacturing their range of Shoes since 2016. Every Design is made to the highest of standards & attention to detail, with comfort always being the highest priority. Every pair of Kitten D'Amour Shoes feature soft memory foam for extra support!

      All Kitten D'Amour Shoes are made from a high-quality PU leather, meaning they are vegan-friendly. (The high-quality PU leather is durable and looks just like real leather, but without the use of any animal products).
      Each pair of Kitten D'Amour shoes will arrive in our signature 'Marie Antionette' Shoe Box! This packaging features built-in woven cords (for easy carrying) in a mint body, with white polka dots. The stunning depiction of a Kittenesque 'Marie Antionette' in a lavish boudoir setting, means this shoe box is not just a storage solution, it is a work of art...a beautiful addition to any closet or bedroom decor!