Madame Coco

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      The New Year brings plenty of fresh and wonderful things with it. It brings resolutions and new beginnings to almost every aspect of our lives. If there’s anything that we can all benefit from at this time of's that fresh ‘new’ feeling, that comes from adding something new to our wardrobes...a new outfit for the New Year! The ‘Madame Coco’ collection will give your wardrobe the reinvigoration you will love, along with a colourful start to 2023!

      ‘Madame Coco’ is a collection filled with flowing silhouettes and stunning pops of colour. Many of the designs feature a lucky-clover shape of pastel pink and blue, the main pattern for this lovely collection, while others focus on a structured fit and flare. The ‘Madame Coco’ print is actually taken from a long lost 1950s Vintage French Wallpaper design that Alana (designer of all things Kitten) discovered many years ago on one of her visits to Paris.

      With this stunning new collection, you’ll find a full dress and wiggle skirt design that has been reinvented in true Kitten D’Amour fashion, but there’s even more to ‘Madame Coco’ than just the classics. Not only does ‘Madame Coco’ offer another instalment in the line of Kitten D’Amour pyjamas, but also a variety of tops which have been created to accompany each design in ‘Madame Coco’ well as some wonderful Kitty Knickers.

      You will also notice that we are introducing a design style called Skorts...the first time a short/skirt combination has been added to any Kitten D’Amour collection! This perfect combination of fashion and practicality will certainly match marvellously with any of your favourite Kitten D’Amour blouses.

      2023 is an exciting time for everyone, and it’s NOW is the perfect opportunity to bring something new and good into your life. If you’d like that ‘something’ to be fashionable and gorgeous, then get ready to welcome ‘Madame Coco’!