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Vintage Coats and Faux Fur - What to look out for!

by Kerryn Kitten on 5 Comments

It’s so easy to love winter when you’re snug in front of a beautiful fireplace while the wind howls outside.  You may watch the branches on the trees toss around in the gale as you sip delicately on your hot cup of tea.  Your hair is just so, your feet are toasty, what’s not to love? 

Oh yes, it’s glorious when you’re curled up under your crochet blanket but when you need to head out (and what vintage lass has the luxury of hibernating all winter?) you just know you’re not going to resemble the cosy glamour-puss you long to be!

This is where your fabulous vintage fitted coats have their time to shine!  Winter is a wonderful time for vintage inspired winter fashion, as it allows us to showcase our pinup dresses with the addition of a glorious array of vintage coats. There's something incredibly elegant and sophisticated about wrapping yourself in a cosy coat during the chilly season.

Lovingly designed in Australia with Free Worldwide Shipping, order here!

As temperatures drop, now is the time to experiment with different textures, faux fur details, colours, and patterns to create fashionable winter ensembles. Embracing "Coat Season" is a great way to celebrate vintage inspired winter fashion and enjoy the colder months in style.

Investing in a well-made fitted coat embellished with faux fur is a decision you’ll never regret. We adore the eye-catching ‘Dorchester Suite 17 Coat with Fur Collar’, with its luxurious wool blend and detachable soft pink Faux Fur Collar, shown above perfectly paired with the 'Dorchester Suite 17' Collar Dress in pink.  


Lovingly designed in Australia with Free Worldwide Shipping, order here!

Kitten D’Amour’s ‘Sherlock’ collection also features two beautiful designs with faux fur collars.  The ‘Sherlock’ Fur Collar Coat’ has been created in a distinctive brown and bottle green tartan and features a soft and luxurious detachable faux fur collar. 

Lovingly designed in Australia with Free Worldwide Shipping, order here!


If you’re looking for something shorter, consider the Sherlock’ Fur Collar Jacket.  This beautiful jacket has been created with a warm forest green fabric and features a luxurious faux fur collar in a soft mink brown.

Lovingly designed in Australia with Free Worldwide Shipping, order here


At Kitten D’Amour we are animal obsessed and we could never do anything to harm any furry creature of any kind. We love our coats embellished with faux fur, which is an excellent alternative to real fur.  It provides the same luxurious appearance and soft texture without causing harm to animals. When manufactured with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, faux fur can be virtually indistinguishable from real fur.

If you’re choosing to wear faux fur instead of real fur, you are making a very valuable, sensible, ethical, and sustainable choice.  There are the three major areas to consider when looking for a high-quality faux fur:

A soft and luxurious feel: Nestling into a faux fur design should feel like being enveloped in warmth and comfort.  

Durability: If you’re dining at a fancy restaurant, or off to the theatre, the last thing you want is to leave a trail of fur in your wake.  Furs will shed. A well-crafted faux fur will maintain its appearance and not lose too many fibres through routine spot cleaning, brushing or normal use.

Ensure it is truly faux: As strange as it may seem, real fur is often mislabelled (whether unintentionally or on purpose) as faux.  Unsure?  Check the base fabric of your fur.  Faux fur will have a fabric base, whereas real fur has a leathery base.   Finally, shop with reputable brands, such as Kitten D’Amour, who take great pride in creating ethically conscious designs.

So, embrace the chill, layer up, and let your vintage coat be the star of your outfit. It's a time to indulge in the fashion world and show off your sartorial prowess while staying warm and cosy. Enjoy the magic of vintage inspired winter fashion and make the most of this stylish and chic season!




  • by Danielle Freeman on

    Super happy with my gorgeous Sherlock faux fur green jacket! 😍 So flattering, soft and stretchy.

  • by Ingrid King on

    It’s awesome that Kitten D’Amour provides the option to wear faux fur instead of real fur, I feel great knowing that I’m making a very valuable, sensible, ethical, and sustainable choice. Thank you for all the info n this blog xx

  • by Samantha R on

    Super happy to order the Sherlock vest yesterday when it came back into stock – looking forward to when it arrives. The green fur jacket is next in my list. Fantastic photos and a gorgeous collection of a literary favourite of mine. The reimagining of this time period has been carefully created by Kitten D’amour. Thanks for sending ‘Sherlock’ out into the world.

  • by Alyssa Wong on

    Absolutely in love with my vest! Cant believe I snagged the last one at pac fair! Excited to wear it 😁😁

  • by Jelena Bikicki on

    Thank you for the information regarding faux fur vs real fur, I have all the Kitten D’Amour fur coats and they are truly beautiful plus I know they are created ethically which makes me love them even more x

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