Vintage Cars and Pin Up Style!


 For all Pinup-loving Rockabilly gals, a car show is the perfect opportunity to frock up in a vintage style dress, curl your hair in a gravity-defying victory roll and slide on those sexy cat eye sunglasses!  In fact, you’re sure to have seen the ‘Cars of Kitten D’Amour’ featured in several of our photo shoots!

'Sold out Kittens' - an image from Kitten D'Amour's 'The Wild One' shoot

But have you ever wondered how the link between Pin Up fashion and vintage car shows came to be?

The history of pinup art is rooted in the 19th century but gained immense popularity during World War II when it became a prevalent form of morale-boosting imagery for soldiers, sailors, and aviators. The artwork typically featured glamorous and alluring women, often in seductive poses or attire, which served as a reminder of the comforts of home and the hope of returning to their loved ones after the war. Pinups adorned barracks, ships, submarines, and even military aircraft, becoming an integral part of the soldiers' daily lives.

These images showcased women in vintage fashion, such as high-waisted jeans, wiggle dresses, cropped cardigans and full skirts, capturing the spirit of the era. The ‘Phoenix’ Jeans paired with the ‘Dorchester suite 17’ Ruffle Sleeve Top and a silky scarf knotted around the neck emulates this look perfectly! You could tuck your vintage style Kitten Denim jeans into the ‘Victoriana Calf High Boot, or perhaps cuff them at the ankle and slip into a pair of ‘Vixen’ heels for the perfect pinup look! Slip on an edgy vintage style biker jacket such as the ‘Dorchester Suite 17’ Crop Shearling Jacket to add a touch of effortless cool.


Speaking of shoes, you’re sure to be on your feet most of the day.  Here’s where Kitten D’Amour shoes, with their oh-so-comfy memory foam come into their own.  A pair of ‘Gatsby’ Shoes, or the ‘Vixen Petite shoe will finish your outfit off perfectly and keep you on your toes all day long! Your ensemble won't be complete without a stunning pair of vintage style sunglasses.  You'll find the perfect shape for your face here!


Are you looking to really show off your vintage glamour style? Swap your vintage style Kitten Denim for a fitted ‘D’Amour Frill Trumpet’ Skirt, add a choker, pearls and a hair flower, and you’ll be posing prettily!

The combination of pretty girls, vintage style, and fast cars has become a timeless classic that continues to inspire fashion and art today.  Whether it's a vintage car show or a modern fashion shoot, the pin up girl and her iconic style will always be a symbol of beauty, strength, and independence.




  • Charli

    Love the pin-up look and I can pull off the outfits but can never manage to get my hair to behave or do the makeup side right 😎

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