My Kitten Posse and I have put together an all inclusive backstage pass to help you find your perfect fit! 


I range between a size 10 and 12 in most Kitten D'Amour Designs, depending on the fabric makeup.

I like my 'Capri' Pants firm fitting so decided on the size 12, but if you would like a little more wiggle room (especially in the thigh area) I would recommend sizing up! These Pants sat just below my navel and I would describe them as a mid-rise rather than high-rise for my height! 


In all Tops I was my usual size 10. I found the shirred sleeves of the 'Ruffle' Blouse the most comfortable and I'm mad for puffy sleeves right now, so this one was a must! 





I was a size 12 in the full 'Button' Skirts, but I did find the Tartan fabric had more stretch, so keep this in mind if you are in between sizes.

Did you spot the stunning 'Vicious Kitten' Handbag? This striking design comes with a 'Bamboo' look Black Handle, a detachable strap (that is also adjustable) and is fully lined in our Vegan Friendly Leather. It's a fantastic size for everyday use or for an evening look! 

The HQ Kitten Whispers tell me this pretty is running fashionably late for her release, but will be here soon! 





 Hello fellow Kittens,

A special first 'Vicious Kitten' review by yours truly 😀 Kitten D'Amour has done it again! The amazing up coming tartan collection 'Vicious Kitten' is almost here and I cannot describe the excitement i'm feeling right now! 

It's been two years since "The Wild One" was released (tartan from 2019) which featured black, beautiful burnt orange colours and some velvet detailing. I have always loved tartan prints forever and Kitten D'Amour does not disappoint every time they add their own spin to a new collection. Since 'Wild One' I had been wondering when will be the next time we get to see another tartan collection and what colour this time? 🤔 to our surprise our gorgeous Queen Kitten Alana has outdone herself once again by bringing Vicious Kitten to life. 

I received a package from Kitten D'Amour and the minute I opened it my jaw dropped 😱 i was immediately filled with shock 🙀 excitement, big smile I was so emotional feeling so spoiled 😭 The 'Vicious Kitten' bomber jacket 😍 Oh my it's so beautiful these photos don't do it justice! 

I picked up the jacket and said oh wow it's heavy lol 😅 Gorgeous on and very warm 😊

  I hope this helps you with your purchase, Kittens! 

Thank you Kitten D'Amour for being the amazing brand you always are!

Safe to say this jacket is a winner 😌 I'm already obsessed with mine and I'm sure you'll love it too 🤗

Much love 💋 Tanya Kitten






I've found my new Office look...introducing Courtney, 'Vicious' Kitten.

My usual size 10 was a perfect fit in everything. The thighs of the 'Capri' Pants could be considered a touch firmer, so if this is an area you like a little more room, be sure to size up.

Being broader in the shoulder I did find the 'Crepe' Blouse a little firm across my back and arms. While Crepe fabric traditionally doesn't have stretch and this is firmer fitting, I personally wouldn't size up. However, if you like more room on the arms or the shoulder, be sure to go up a size in this one!











The 'Wiggle' Bustle Skirt was incredible on, this high waist holds everything and the stretch in the fabric makes for a shapely smooth finish.

The 'Vicious Kitten' Dress is sure to be the fan favourite! This fierce Dress has a little more wiggle room for size. My usual size 10 was my ideal fit, but if you are tossing up between sizes, there is enough give in this Design to go down a size! 




*Share your 'Vicious Kitten' try ons with us on Instagram for your chance to win a $100 Kitten D'Amour Gift Voucher!

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  • Tam

    Oh Courtney Kitten I adore you being so close to my shape! Just add 3 cms to each measurement up and out! I know I can comfortably get a 12. I always worry! In old Kittens I have no hope of a 12 ! ( as dear Nichole is likely still traumatised from seeing pictures of!)
    Thankyou all so much! I was oblivious to this blog!
    I was planning on having a little break due to unexpectedly having to buy a new car…BUT I have never been this excited about a release! With Melbourne in lockdown these try ons are absolutely priceless! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • dannielle

    YAAAASSS!! siznig up in the Capris, loove it ty. x

  • Amalia

    Oh, I love seeing Tanya in this! A well-deserved Birthday present, she is an absolute doll. Thanks for all the advice Kittens and is that a green Jazz shoe I see? <3

  • Mackenzie

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for your tips and sizing advice Mandie and Courtney Kitten!!! You look amazing!!!

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