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Elegant dance parties, Victorian dresses, lace and jewels. These are just some of the things that the word 'Regency' makes you think of, so it’s no wonder that they are such staples of the ever-enchanting Bridgerton series! It’s hard not to let your imagination run away with romantic notions of secret love affairs, steel boned corsets, and poignant looks from across the room. And who wouldn’t want to dance in a Phoebe Dynevor dress? While it is impossible to bring an Anthony Bridgerton into all of our lives, Kitten D’Amour has found a way to give you the full experience of a ‘Bridgerton’ series soiree- introducing the new ‘Regency’ collection!

The ‘Regency’ collection features a beautiful array of vintage dresses and gorgeous garments- from lavishly laced steel boned corsets to fanciful fit and flare pants, the ‘Regency’ collection has something to suit every style. If you love how you look in Victorian dresses or if a wiggle dress is more your style, then these designer dresses will give you the variety you deserve.

To truly ensure that you have an outfit for every occasion, ‘Regency’ features two uniquely patterned fabrics. The pinstripe steel boned corset will have you looking right at home as you play pall-mall in the Bridgerton series, and the option for pants and shorts in the same fabric might be better than any Simone Ashley dress! Even the incredible pinstripe pinafore design looks like a beautiful vintage dress in the ‘Regency’ collection.

As far as vintage dresses go, you simply cannot find a more Victorian dress style than the black and silver/gold brocade! The silver/gold and black perfectly accentuate every figure in the wiggle dress, and every design incorporates some of that Victorian dress charm that is so signature to the ‘Bridgerton’ series! Each designer dress is expertly designed to bring out the very best in its materials, from the steel boned corset to the wiggle dress...and the bustles! These vintage dresses and gorgeous garments have been expertly designed to help you be the diamond of the season!

We can never turn back the clock to a more fanciful time, nor can we will ourselves into the next season of the ‘Bridgerton’ series, but we can certainly dress for it!


Mandie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 100cm, Waist: 76cm, Hips: 104cm Height: 168cm

'Regency Bustle Coat': Starting off with the Design we are all dreaming of, Mandie shows off the beautiful 'Regency Bustle Coat', finding a size 10 to be her perfect fit! This decadent Design will be one you won't want to miss! Mandie loved the arm sleeve width, noting there is plenty of room to layer for those brisk Winter days!  

'Regency Pinafore Dress (Brocade)': This stunning display was one of Mandie's surprise favourites, with a high-waist and a flowing full skirt, Mandie just loved mixing and matching this Design! Mandie is wearing her standard size 10. Pairing this with the beautiful upcoming 'D'Amour Frill Front Top', arriving in-store and online on the 18th of August. 

'Regency Bustle Jacket': Wearing a size 10, Mandie is a Jacket Kitten through and through, Mandie found this Design light-weight yet quite warm, perfect for a Winter evening out! 

'Regency Mermaid Wiggle Skirt': Loving the shape of this beautiful Skirt, Mandie did find there to be very little stretch to the material, so Mandie decided to size up to a size 12 to cater for her oh-so-curvy hips! 

'Regency Steel Boned Corset (Brocade)': Mandie found a size 10 to be simply perfect in this corset, basing the measurement of her natural waist and adjusting to fit! She recommends Kittens choose their standard Kitten D'Amour Top size. 


Kate Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 110cm, Waist: 92cm, Hip 114cm, Height: 165cm

(Kate mentioned that if you have used her as a size reference in the past, be sure to measure again. She is between size 14 and 16, her measurements have changed since the last size guide). 

'Regency Steel Boned Corset (Brocade)':: Kate is wearing a size 16 in the 'Regency' Corset (Brocade). While the size 14 could easily lace up, Kate much prefers her laces drawn closer together which she can achieve in the size 16. Kate is wearing the soon to be released 'D'Amour' Ruffle Singlet under her Corset.
'Regency Full Skirt': With or without a Corset Kate is wearing a size 14 comfortably in this Design. She finds the wide waistband very flattering and the two pockets are certainly a bonus! 
'Regency Bustle Coat': Kate is wearing a size 14 in the Coat and could comfortably close it to show off the full look! She has noted the arms and shoulder are very comfortable with easy movement!
For reference Kate's arms at the largest point measure 36cm around. 

'Regency Wiggle Dress': This was Kate's favourite piece! The size 14 was a perfect fit top to bottom. She loved the little ruffle on the shoulder which she felt was very flattering on her arms. 

'Regency Full Dress': Kate wears a size 14 in this Design and noted the bust was comfortable and very flattering. There was no straining on the fabric or cutting into the bust! The elastic in the sleeves were not tight (which is always something Kate checks)!


Courtney Kitten's measurements: Bust: 92cm, Waist: 72cm, Hips: 103cm, Height: 170cm.

'Regency Steel Boned Corset (Brocade)':: After years and years of pining the Designs Kittens answered Courtney's prayers with two stunning new 'Steel Boned Corsets', perfect for shaping and putting together a fabulous outfit! Finding a size 10 to be her perfect fit, Courtney recommends Kittens follow their natural waist size and let the corset do the rest. 

'Regency Palazzo Pants (Pinstripe)': Falling in love with the 'An Affair To Remember Palazzo Pants', Courtney couldn't go past the opportunity to add another pair of these stunning Pants to her collection. Courtney is wearing a size 8.

'Regency Full Dress': Absolutely adoring this stunning brocade print, Courtney went a size 8 for a flawless fit. Loving how the lace flows over the neckline for a stunning feature! 

'Regency Steel Boned Corset (Pinstripe)': Loving a classic Pinstripe, Courtney just had to show off how this stunning corset hugged her in all the right places. Courtney is seen wearing a size 10. 

'Regency Ruffle Shorts (Pinstripe)': With no stretch to the Design, Courtney went a size 10 in these Ruffle shorts to cater for her hips. She recommends Kittens between sizes may like to size up! 


Tash Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 93cm, Waist: 68cm, Hip 110cm, Height: 168cm

'Regency Bustle Jacket': For an elegant evening on the town, this Bustle Jacket is Tash's new favourite. Hugging her figure with the beautiful shaping of the corset, Tash is loving her silhouette in this Design. Tash is seen above wearing a size 8.

'Regency Steel Boned Corset' (Brocade & Pinstripe): With her beautiful hourglass shape, Tash found a size 8 to be the perfect fit. Tash is our Corset expert in the office, be sure to check out her lace-up tutorial videos on TikTok! Click here!

'Regency Mermaid Wiggle Skirt': Tash sized up to a size 12 in this beautiful Wiggle Skirt to cater for her hips as there is very little stretch to the fabric. Tash recommends any Kittens with curvier hips do size up in this Design.


Mandie, Kate and Courtney are always available to assist Kittens with sizing and should you have any sizing queries please contact them via email at online@kittendamour.com or phone (07) 3245 1122. 


  • Denise

    yes yes yes yes!!! I love Bridgerton, so I obviously just have to love thiss <# <3

  • Amalia

    I am obsessed with this collection, can’t wait to get my corset, I’m very close to Courtney in measurements so feeling confident in my choice! xxxxxxx

  • Linda

    Thank you. I know what size to get :) I’m a mandie!

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