Regency Corsets - Your Guide to Lacing

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There's one of two things that cross one's mind when you think of Corsets; excitement or fear! 

You may picture Keira Knightley fainting into the sea in Pirate's of the Caribbean... only this time Johnny Depp won't be there to save you...instead, your Kittens are here to assure you fainting was never a real side effect of Corsets back in the 1700's!

Beauty does not equal pain with Kitten D'Amour. The new Regency Corsets are far from restrictive; they are shapely and supportive. These beautiful pieces are expertly designed with flexibility and comfort in mind by the one and only Alana Smith (designer of all things Kitten).

High quality steel boned Corsets in Australia (that are also flexible) are hard to find...Kitten D'Amour's new Design features 14 spiral steel bones, each made of two forged and flattened springs that will give anyone the beautifully cinched waist, whilst ensuring flexibility and comfort. They have been expertly designed to shape the midsection and accentuate the natural curves of the body, while giving ultimate comfort for a flattering and sexy look.

The boning and shape is ideal for a secure cinch that will create an hourglass silhouette, making it perfect for both outerwear and underwear with any Kitten D’Amour Design! Your choice of Brocade or Gold Pinstripe means you can go from women's office wear to cocktail dressy! 

The modesty panel under the laces is the perfect addition to allow ultimate customisation to suit your individual needs. Now it's time to learn how to lace your corset...

- Start by placing the corset on a flat surface and pull all the laces loose and far enough to allow plenty of room to clip in before the cinching can begin.

- Wrap the Corset around your torso and begin clipping each front hook into the eyes, working from the bottom up to the top (you may need to loosen the laces more, remember the first few tries will include some trial and error and this is perfectly fine!). You want plenty of room at this stage to create the perfect fit.

- Put the Corset in place with the hook and eyes lined down your front and pull the modesty panel into place. Begin tightening the laces by pulling the two loose lace ties as tight as possible, then you can start working the fit to suit your individual body shape. Starting from the top down to the middle, pull the laces to tighten the corset and lift your bust, completing with pulling the middle laces to set the shape. Then work he same way from the bottom up to the middle, again pulling the lace ties when you reach the middle (you may need to continue adjusting your modesty panel as you go).

- Once you have comfortably tight laced the corset and it's in place, tie the laces into a double knotted bow. Check yourself in the mirror to make sure if anything needs adjusting. You can even wrap the laces around the front to the back to shorten the laces before tying a bow! I would recommend never trimming your laces, you really need the length for taking on and off! 

Contrary to popular belief, the Corset is incredible on many different shapes, having the room to accommodate for a larger bust and ability to show off one's natural curves while smoothing the torso. Now that you know how to lace your corset, don't be afraid, dare to treat yourself to the refinement of Corsetry!

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to visit any Kitten D’Amour Boutique or e-mail the Online Team!

You can find me (Parveen Kitten) (in my FAVOURITE women's office wear look) at Kitten D’Amour Indoorooopilly!

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Parveen Kitten Measurements: Bust-89 cm, Waist-62cm, Hips-96cm, Height-157cm.


'Regency' Pinstripe Corset Size 6: Parveen is no stranger to Corsetry and the 'Regency' Corset is one of the best designs she's worn. Made with 14 spiral steel bones the corset is incredibly comfortable, flexible and creates a stunning silhouette. The fit is very true to size with the added bonus of customisation with the back lacing; if you are in between sizes, Parveen recommends sizing up. 


'Regency' Palazzo Pants (Pinstripe) size 4: Parveen couldn't resist these incredible Pants with the shimery Gold pinstripes! The material is soft and lightweight, flowing beautifully while hugging your figure in all the right places. If you're in between sizes Parveen recommends sizing down in this piece. Pair these Pants with any tailored blazer for striking women's office wear! 


'Regency' Full Skirt size 4: In true Kitten style this Skirt has the all essential pockets! Parveen loves how it falls just below the knees for her height and found the waist fit was perfect! True to size. 



View the entire 'Regency' Collection by Kitten D'Amour here!

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