'Monarch' - Outfit Inspiration and Size Guide

Between all the birthdays and weddings we encounter throughout the year, there are plenty of reasons to dress up and have a fabulous time. These occasions are typically only celebrated with your friends and family, but there is a very special time every year where the whole world comes out to party together! As we say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new, it’s the best time to be cheerful and loud- and the perfect time to wear our most dazzling fashions for this once-a-year event. If you find yourself searching desperately for the most spectacular New Years Eve outfit, then the new ‘Monarch’ collection has everything you could possibly need.

Filled to the brim with lace and sequins, every garment in ‘Monarch’ is simply perfect for any party. The layer of gorgeous green beneath black lace is as eye-catching as it is enchanting, and it’s certainly the perfect accompaniment to the pattern of butterflies which glitter whenever these dazzling garments move an inch. The shimmer of dresses and skirts as you twirl will have jaws dropping just like the famous New Year’s Ball that drops at the stroke of Midnight in New York, as you celebrate the night in style. 

For everyone who doesn’t want the party to stop after the New Year celebrations, the ‘Monarch’ collection has a little something special to help you keep that sparkle with you throughout the year. In addition to the beautiful corsets in this collection, ‘Monarch’ also features a new bralette and knickers. With these gorgeous intimates at your beck and call, you’ll be able to feel like every day is perfect for a party! 

Whatever your New Years Eve plans might be, celebrate the night in style with the gorgeous new ‘Monarch’ collection!

Tasharni Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 94cm, Waist: 71cm, Hips: 110cm Height: 161cm

'Monarch Shawl Dress': Tasharni found this Design to be a beautiful fit in her standard size 8, with her incredible curves the top of this Design was able to be adjusted to cater while still cinching in at her waist! 

'Monarch Steel Boned Corset': Wearing a size 10 in the Corset, Tasharni fell head over heels in love with this Design. Laced to fit snuggly this stunning Corset moulded to Tasharni's curves showcasing her gorgeous hourglass shape! 

'Monarch Bustle Wiggle Skirt': Paired with this elegant Bustle Wiggle Skirt, Tasharni has found her favourite outfit! Tasharni found this Design to be quite stretchy, however, did need to size up to a size 12 as she normally would to cater for her curvier hips! 

'Monarch Bralette': This adorable number was a surprise favourite for Tasharni! She found this Design to be a bigger make so sized down to a size 6 for a lovely fit, her bigger bust fit nicely within the cups for a beautiful finish. 

'Monarch Full Skirt': Wearing a size 8 in this beautiful Full Skirt, Tasharni found the fit to be very true to size, however, does note there is no stretch to the material so Kittens in between sizes may like to size up!


Courtney Kitten's measurements: Bust: 90cm, Waist: 71cm, Hips: 103cm, Height: 172cm.

'Monarch Lace Frill Blouse': Absolutely adoring the balloon sleeve style and the elegant nature of this Design, Courtney was simply enamoured by this piece! Wearing her standard size 8, Courtney does note there is no stretch to this garment. Kittens with a bigger bust may like to size up for comfort! Courtney wore the 'Monarch Bralette' underneath this stunning Blouse, for that extra touch of emerald peeking through!

'Monarch Full Skirt': Finding a size 8 to be a fabulous fit, Courtney adored the lace overlay on this Design, falling just below the hem of the emerald section, this Design is made to elongate your figure! 

'Monarch Wiggle Dress': A Wiggle Kitten through and through, Courtney fell head over heels in love with this luxurious Velvet Design! Wearing her standard size 8, Courtney found this Design to have a little bit of stretch through the body, however, the arms and bust detail features no stretch.

'Monarch Bralette': This beautiful New Kitten D'Amour piece found it's way into Courtney's heart! The perfect mix and match piece! Sizing down to a size 6, Courtney recommends Kittens size down in this Bralette as there is a bit of extra room in the cups! 


 Parveen Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 89cm, Waist: 63cm, Hips: 97cm Height: 157cm

'Monarch Shawl Dress':  To accommodate the thicker fabric and little stretch, this beautiful design runs a little larger. Parveen found a size 4 to be a little roomier than standard in the waist for her hip to waist ratio, however, notes that it is a great shape for more straight up and down figures, while if you have a smaller waist you should pair with a D'Amour Velvet Bow Belt to cinch you in. The shape is absolutely glorious and fans of our 'L'Avenue Dress' will fall instantly in love!

'Monarch Bralette': Alana has produced the most incredible three dimensional collection with Monarch; back to a Classic Kitten style with tulle, lace, three dimensional details and sequin embroidery, this collection is bound to bring the "wow factor" to any event. Parveen loves the vintage inspired Bralette and recommends sizing down, as the garment holds plenty of room for our bigger busted Kittens. The best part is that it is perfect to work as both underwear and outerwear as a crop top! Parveen found a size 4 to be her fit!

'Monarch Full Skirt': This full skirt is a must have, with every perfect detail imaginable including a built in tulle petticoat! Although Parveen recommend you wear your usual petticoat underneath for extra flare. There is not much stretch in the fabric so if you are in between sizes, she suggests you size up. Parveen can be seen wearing a size 4.

'Monarch Wiggle Dress': With a good amount of stretch and a form fitting body, this Design creates the perfect silhouette! Designed in luxurious velvet and seductive lace... what more do you need? This wiggle is straight out of Parveen's dreams and everything you could ask for in this style. She is obsessed with the level of comfort the dress holds while it maintains a beautiful shape that smooths your lumps and bumps, Parveen found a size 4 to fit like a glove! 


Tammy Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 86cm, Waist: 66cm, Hips: 91cm, Height: 161cm (Tam is a Bra size 10C)

'Monarch Steel Boned Corset': The Corset Tammy found to be a little snug and sized up to a size 8. The Sweetheart neckline is very flattering and Tam found that the Velvet trim and steel boning made this Corset feel very lux. The shoulder strap attachment and suspender tail loops are a fabulous addition and it gives you versatility with how you can change up the look.

'Monarch Full Skirt': Tammy also had to size up when pairing the Monarch Full Skirt with the corset to a Size 8 due to the detail and where the corset ribbon was tied.

'Monarch Bralette': Wearing a size 4, Tammy found the Bralette generous through the bust and also the with the spandex there is a lot of stretch so Tam sized down. The style is so 1950's and the pretty sparkly butterflies are so feminine and their little wings really do sparkle with the glitter sequins. 

'Monarch Knickers': The first pair of 1950's knickers that Kitten D'Amour has designed and they sure are a winner! Tam found that they were a little generous through the waist compared to her standard underwear so she sized down to a size 6. Tammy found them to be super soft and comfortable and hug your figure and the zipper detail at the back draws in your waist. The Bralette and the Knickers are the perfect 1950's set.

Kittens this is the most beautiful Collection and so stunning and so perfect for New Years!


Jackie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 90cm, Waist: 73cm, Hips: 102cm, Height: 163cm 

'Monarch Shawl Dress': An opulent evening gown that will dazzle at any event. Jackie loves the off the shoulder neckline and A-line skirt with built in petticoat layer. Jackie wore her standard size 8 for a firm fit. Compared to the L'Avenue dress that had more stretch. With the beautiful butterfly lace overlay and a hint of sparkle no girl can resist.

'Monarch Lace Frill Blouse': This exquisite blouse with small puff sleeve and frill neckline. Jackie went with a size 8. For people who own the D'Amour Frill Front Blouse Jackie did wear a size 6 but found the 'Monarch Lace Frill Blouse' a firmer fit. The blouse fits beautifully and has a real sense of class and sophistication.

'Monarch Bustle Wiggle Skirt': A fabulous wiggle skirt with beautiful stretch and an extra high waist. Jackie's is wearing her usual size 10 in wiggles. This hugs beautifully on her hips for a gorgeous silhouette.


Courtney and the Kitten D'Amour team are always available to assist with sizing and should you have any sizing queries please contact them via email at online@kittendamour.com or phone (07) 3245 1122. 


  • Liz Banks

    Meant to be, when I dashed in to the store a good few days after the release thinking I was too late, there was my size all alone on the rack just waiting for me. Monarch is beautiful. Size guide here made it easy. Made a bee line for. It.

  • Sophie

    My new Genevieve Lace Sleeves match perfectly with my Monarch Bustle Wiggle Skirt! I adore this collection so much 😍

  • Willow

    Another stunningly gorgeous collection… I can not wait to receive my order, Thank you Kitten D’Amour

  • Anna

    As a Kitten who is unable to visit a store, I rely on this blog for my size advice. I am the same size as Tammy Kitten and I can not Thank her enough for sharing her advice with everyone

  • Lisa

    This blog is so helpful… Thank you Kittens

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