It's from...'Knightsbridge' Darling!

London’s swinging sixties were a revolution for the artistic world. The decade saw so much progress in music, in fashion, in culture, all of it celebrated by a generation of people eager to express themselves in new and exciting ways. The Kitten D'Amour collection ‘Knightsbridge’ works as a fashionable testament to this time, inspired as it is by the terrific world of the 1960’s! 

The Beatles might have been the loudest voice for this new age of music, with many of their songs dedicated to changing the world and maybe even finding love along the way, but they weren’t the only musicians to be celebrated for their originality. The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Chubby Checker; all of them carved out a piece of this iconic time for themselves.  All the major bands and singers of the sixties were driven in some way by freedom; the desire for it and the celebration of it are the pinnacle foundations of this decade and all it would go on to create.

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Just like the music, folk of the sixties found the freedom to express themselves through their fashion choices as well. Skirts got shorter, shoes got wilder, and suddenly it was trendy to experiment with styles and shapes. ‘Gogo boots’ are just one of the design choices which would become inseparable from the concept of the 1960’s, but they aren’t the only shoes to leave a solid footprint on the decade.

Innovative designer Beth Levine created many fabulous designs during this time, not the least of which were her ‘stocking shoe’ designs- some of which bare a wonderful resemblance to our new ‘La Parisian' Lace Boots’!
Regarding creative flair, London seemed to have it in spades. Those with creative careers and passions seemed to flock to sixties-London as a cultural centre point, filling the already trendsetting city with even more talent and experimentation. Many subcultures of fashion and film popped up because of this melting pot of creativity, with the mods raising as a well-known entity in their own right.
The new ‘Carnaby Ankle Boot’ exemplifies that subculture to a fantastic degree, particularly with the featured buckle and stocking components.


Change was something just in the air during the 1960’s, inevitable and celebrated by all the fun-lovers of London. There were so many beautiful designs to come from this decade, and it’s responsible for inspiring countless artists in the years since. The ‘Knightsbridge’ collection may be the most recent creation to find its roots in this time period, but it certainly won’t be the last! 


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  • Satu

    I love the knightsbridge range, so groovy. I hope they bring it back because I missed out on some of the items I wanted. Very classy, sexy and fun.

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