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Space is full of the unknown; that’s what makes it so exciting, and there are no shortage of TV shows or movies which explore what could be out there. The sci-fi fashion in these shows is probably the best part, whether you want to admire a space dress or a design in the style of a women’s military jackets. ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ pays wonderful homage to these terrific styles with incredible vintage dresses combined with a wonderful blend of vintage style and Sci-Fi pizazz! Hold on tight to your seats Kittens, because these designs might just be the very best in pinup girl clothing!

Have you ever wondered what sci-fi fashion would look like? Well, if our 1950s inspired comic print is anything to go by, then the space ships of the future are sure to feature dresses in such styles as retro, vintage, rockabilly, and even a comic dress! Comic dress? More like cosmic dress! 

If you love vintage dresses, then these unique printed dresses are exactly what you need! Women’s military jackets, rockabilly clothing, a black wiggle dress or bustle skirt, the very best of vintage tops- they all make up some incredible pinup girl clothing, and they’re all part of the ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ collection! Much like the beloved Kitten D’Amour ‘Space Patrol’, the designs in this collection are full of strength and style that can’t be matched. You haven’t known fashion until you’ve known these space dress! 

If you thought the style of women’s military jackets was unique, just wait until you see the new boiler suit, the very first of its kind from Kitten D’Amour! Certainly nothing like its vintage dress cousins, it offers a counterpart to the classic little black wiggle dress with plenty of retro fun. The new boiler suit comes in Red or Black and features a unique ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ printed lining!  

‘Fly Me to the Moon’ is a fashionably fun trip to the 1950s full of unique printed dresses, the best vintage skirts, and some truly fantastic pinup girl clothing. It seamlessly combines the romantic notion of adventure with the mystery of space and sci-fi fashion. 

Look out of this world for your next off-Earth expedition with ‘Fly Me to the Moon’!

‘Fly Me to the Moon’ blasts off online and in all Boutiques Thursday July 7th, 9am (AEST).


Courtney Kitten's measurements: Bust: 92cm, Waist: 72cm, Hips: 103cm, Height: 170cm.

'Galaxy Vamp Dress (Pink)': With a sparkle in her eye Courtney simply had to try on this glittering ensemble. Made from a beautiful stretchy fabric, Courtney found a size 8 to be a wonderful fit. Courtney recommends that Kittens size down in this Design!

'Fly Me To The Moon Boiler Suit (Red)': Feeling like a true 'Grease Monkey', Courtney found her favourite pick in this stunning Boiler Suit! Designed in a more relaxed fit, Courtney was able to size down to a size 8. However, only recommends sizing down to Kittens on the smaller end of their size!

'Fly Me To The Moon Singlet':  Designed with such a deep 'V' in the Boiler Suit, Courtney paired this with the 'Fly Me To The Moon Singlet' to have that pop of colour! Wearing a size 10 in this Singlet made sure that the Design didn't stretch too much and distort the print. 

'Fly Me To The Moon Collar Wiggle Dress': Wearing her standard size 10, Courtney found this Design to be very comfortable. With a slight amount of stretch, this made certain her movements weren't restricted! 


Mandie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 100cm, Waist: 76cm, Hips: 104cm Height: 168cm

'Fly Me To The Moon Wiggle Dress': This Dress in a size 10 fit Mandie like a dream...The fabric has a wonderful amount of stretch, which was perfect for Mandie curves! Quickly became a favourite and must have from the collection. Mandie just loved the touch of Red and Gold on such a classic Black design.

'Fly Me To The Moon Jersey Top': With a more petite frame in her shoulders Mandie found the size 10 to be a lovely fit in this Jersey Top. She just adored the Military Style details on the shoulders of the Jersey Top!

'Fly Me To The Moon Full Circle Skirt': Choosing a size 10 in this Full Skirt, Mandie always loves an extra bit of fullness. Mandie can be seen above wearing two Petticoats! 

'Fly Me To The Moon Jacket': This Design is Mandie's absolute must-have, she fell head over heels in love with the Red and chose a size 10. The beautiful velvet braided trim and gold button details are something she adored. Made from a wool blend fabric, Mandie found this Jacket to be very comfortable to wear and thick enough to keep you warm on a cold day!

'Fly Me To The Moon Wiggle Skirt': Slimming down a little in her measurements, Mandie found the size 12 to be her fit in this Wiggle Skirt. She had a little extra room in the waist, however, needed the fit of the size 12 for the curve of her hips! 


Sheldyn Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 88cm, Waist: 80cm, Hips: 113cm, Height: 174cm 

'Fly Me To The Moon Full Dress': Finding her standard size 10 to be a wonderful fit, this Design was Sheldyn's favourite. Paired with the featured Black belt and the 'Fly Me To The Moon Shoe', Sheldyn is ready for action! 

'Fly Me To The Moon Belted Collar Dress With Pockets': A fit and flare kind of gal, Sheldyn just loved this shade of Red! Wearing her standard size 10, Sheldyn styled hers for a Space Expedition with the 'Fly Me To The Moon Scarf' and 'Fly Me To The Moon Shoe'. 

'Fly Me To The Moon Print Blouse':  Sheldyn can be seen wearing a size 10 in this stunning Blouse, however, notes that this Blouse is a more relaxed fit, so Kittens who prefer a firmer fit in the Blouses should size down! 

'Fly Me To The Moon Full Circle Skirt (Red)': Again, Sheldyn, just adored this shade of Red, it paired perfectly with the 'Fly Me To The Moon Print Blouse'. Her standard size 10 fit like a glove! 


Jackie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 90cm, Waist: 73cm, Hips: 102cm, Height: 163cm 

'Fly Me To The Moon Print Blouse': Jackie went her normal size 6 in the Blouse and found the fit to be perfect! She just loved the light cotton and gold button detail on this Blouse! 

'Fly Me To The Moon Full Circle Skirt (Red)': For a comfortable fit, Jackie went a size 8 in this Skirt, finding the new fabric to be so very soft and flowy!

'Fly Me To The Moon Collar Wiggle Dress': To accommodate her hips Jackie went the size 10, which she also wore in the 'Knightsbridge Peplum Wiggle Dress'. Jackie would say that they have a very similar fit, and Jackie definitely recommends you choose the same size in both! 

'Fly Me To The Moon Boiler Suit (Red)': Jackie can be seen wearing a size 8 in the Boiler Suit. She found this to be a great fit around her hips and waist, with just a little extra room in the bust, ideal for layering with the 'Fly Me To The Moon Singlet'. Jackie adored how the soft the silky lining is...it feels beautiful!


Parveen Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 89cm, Waist: 63cm, Hips: 97cm, Height: 157cm 

'Galaxy Vamp Dress (Pink)': Wiggle dresses are always Parveen's go to! She adored how this dress clung to her curves while having a great amount of stretch for comfort. She found the material very comfortable and loved how it moulds to the shape of your body. Parveen tends to wear a size 4 for fit-and-flair designs, and size 6 for wiggles- wearing a size 6 as featured. But found the Vamp Dress on the larger side and recommends if you're in between sizes to size down. 

'Fly Me To The Moon Jersey Top':  Due to Parveen's petite frame she is drawn to the Jersey Tops over Blouses, and the Fly Me To The Moon Jersey did not disappoint! It is figure hugging with the perfect amount of stretch and comfort, and the material is so breathable she could wear it every day of the year! She particularly found the finer details like the collar and buttons stunning. 

'Fly Me To The Moon Wiggle Skirt': She found the wiggle skirt quite firm (in a good way), as it hugs your hips and shows off your curves just as a wiggle should! Finding a size 6 to be a great fit, Parveen loved how the red piping paired with the tease of print on the back. Parveen thinks this is just the perfect combination to complete her 'Fly Me To The Moon' look. If you're in between sizes Parveen recommends sizing up with this particular wiggle skirt.


Tammy Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 86cm, Waist: 66cm, Hips: 91cm, Height: 161cm 

'Fly Me To The Moon Wiggle Dress': Tammy wears a size 6 in this Wiggle Dress, she has chosen to size down from her standard size 8, due to the incredible stretch in this fabric! She found the size 6 to be a gorgeous fit. Featuring a stretchy lining this is one of the most comfortable Wiggles Tammy has worn!

'Fly Me To The Moon Boiler Suit (Black)': Finding her favourite Tammy struggled to choose between the Red and Black, but ultimately found that styling the Black was far more fun! Wearing a size 6, Tammy found the fit delightful, there is a slight stretch to the fabric and with a more relaxed fit you are safe to size down if you are in between sizing. Tammy notes the pleat detail just below the waist is a very flattering feature! 

'Fly Me To The Moon Full Dress': Tammy wears a size 6 in this Full Dress, she just adored the fit and went her standard Full Dress sizing. Tammy loved the style of the neckline and the button detail was so much fun! This Design is sure to take you to a galaxy far far away! Styled with the 'Fly Me To The Moon Shoe' and 'Fly Me To The Moon Handbag', this outfit is one of Tammy's favourites! 


Courtney, Mandie and Sheldyn are always available to assist Kittens with sizing and should you have any sizing queries please contact them via email at online@kittendamour.com or phone (07) 3245 1122. 
Our Indooroopilly Kittens Jackie, Parveen, and Tammy can be found at our Indooroopilly Boutique. Visit them at Indooroopilly Shopping Center during our launch for expert styling advice!  

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    Oh My Kitten, you all look amazing. This collection is a masterpiece!!!! I am sooooo excited to try on and buy. Thank you Kitten D’Amour!

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