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If there’s one thing that’s always in fashion, it’s vintage glamour. If you look into any past decade, you can see the unique beauty of it in every outfit and style. There is a certain elegance to the clothes of the forties and fifties, a sense of femininity and grace in every pleated skirt and flowing dress. It’s only natural that we would want to recreate that in the current day, after all beautiful things should never be left only to the past. And if we can incorporate some of the fun of the modern day into it too, then all the better for it.

If you’re looking for a stunning blend of vintage glamour and modern fun, then the ‘D’Amour Ava Dress’ is the perfect fit for you. The structure and flow of the dress holds all the excitement of swinging across the dance floor with a handsome fellow, and still has that timeless 'red carpet' elegance to it. These new dresses pair so perfectly with our recent ‘A Stitch in Time’ collection to make a full wardrobe of beautiful vintage flair, perfect for any occasion. With these beautiful designs, you’ll look fabulous anywhere, anytime.


Courtney Kitten's measurements: Bust: 92cm, Waist: 72cm, Hips: 103cm, Height: 170cm.

D'Amour L'Avenue Dress: One of Courtney's all time favourite Designs is back! Last seen in the oh-so-sexy 'What's New Pussycat' collection, this stunning Design is definitely coming home with Courtney. Sizing down to a size 8, Courtney found this Design to be a little more forgiving. 

D'Amour Ava Vintage Dress (Purple):  As a Kitten on the fairer side, Courtney tends to choose brighter colours, however, this stunning lilac purple dress was a surprising favourite. The gorgeous gathered bust, that has now been stitched in place, which means no more on-the-go adjustments! With no stretch to the material Courtney found a size 10 to be a great fit, she recommends Kittens who are between sizes, size up! 

D'Amour Ava Vintage Dress (Black):  Courtney is never one to say no to a Classic Black so this design coming in two different shades is a dream come true. One for every occasion! Courtney again, can be seen wearing a size 10. 


Sheldyn Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 88cm, Waist: 80cm, Hips: 113cm, Height: 174cm 

D'Amour L'Avenue Dress: Sheldyn fell head over heels in love with this classic dress! Wearing a size 10, she found this Design to be a bit more of a relaxed fit. Paired with the new stiletto 'Envy Shoe' this outfit is Sheldyn's favourite.  

D'Amour Ava Vintage Dress (Purple):  Sizing up to a size 12 in this Design, Sheldyn noted the material has no stretch! Kittens in between sizes may like to size up for a comfortable and breathable fit! 

D'Amour Ava Vintage Dress (Black): The Black is Sheldyn's top pick, with a slimming waist drawn together with a brilliant Red Velvet Belt and matching 'Envy' Shoe


Mandie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 98cm, Waist: 78cm, Hips: 106cm, Height: 168cm

D'Amour L'Avenue Dress: Mandie simply loved the first make of the 'L'Avenue Dress' and the new additions make this her perfect 'Classic Black Dress'. The fit in the size 10 was perfect for Mandie and two Petticoats underneath gave her the extra fullness she loves! 

D'Amour Ava Vintage Dress (Purple):  Adoring the Sleeves added to this style the Purple is Mandie's top pick! Mandie found a size 10 to be a lovely fit.

D'Amour Ava Vintage Dress (Black):  Mandie can be seen wearing a size 10 in this Design, pairing this Dress with her signature Scarf style and the adorable 'Charm School Belt'


Courtney, Mandie and Sheldyn are always available to assist Kittens with sizing and should you have any sizing queries please contact them via email at online@kittendamour.com or phone (07) 3245 1122. 


  • Suzanne Crowther

    All stunning I just bought a collection loving the shoes just bought the Sherlock skirt going to buy coat lace top and shoes

  • Leah Burton

    I love this classic design!
    Figure hugging, accentuates the bust, waist & hips = perfection 🖤

  • Leah Burton

    I love this classic design!
    Figure hugging, accentuates the bust, waist & hips = perfection 🖤

  • treena

    Those Envy Shoes are cutting edge adds to cart :P

  • Alice

    I love mandys scarf style, absolutely trying this next time xx

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