CottonTail Soiree Design Inspiration and Size Guide

Amidst the bustling platform of London’s famous Paddington Station, you find yourself standing on Platform Two, your heart pounding with excitement. Clutching the coveted invitation in your hand, you watch as the grand silhouette of the Royal Victorian Express looms before you, its luxurious carriages gleaming in the light.

Taking your seat by the window, you smooth down the fabric of your Kitten D’Amour Vintage Inspired Dress—a masterpiece in black, adorned with delicate rabbit motifs, a perfect nod to the theme of the soirée awaiting you. This is a journey unlike any other, one that will take you into the heart of high society aboard the most prestigious train in the land.

Seated in the lavish carriage, you can't help but admire the opulence surrounding you. The rich fabrics, the gleaming brass fixtures, and the soft glow of the crystal chandeliers overhead create an atmosphere of luxury.  As the train begins to pull away from the station, excitement builds as the Royal Victorian Express embarks on its journey. You are on your way to the ‘CottonTail Soiree’, surrounded by the crème de la crème of the Fashion Elite, travelling in style to this once-in-a-lifetime event.... the world-famous ‘CottonTail Soiree’.

Glancing down at your dress, you can't keep from smiling. You’d spent many happy hours selecting your outfit, finding it nearly impossible to choose between your Vintage Inspired ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Dress and your ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Wiggle Skirt and Blouse, trimmed in lace, with its gorgeous matching 1950s style Peplum Jacket – a dream of an outfit!

As the train traverses the countryside, you find yourself engrossed in conversation with your fellow passengers. From Arabella Wentworth, dressed in bold plaid, holding her fabulous cat, ‘Mr Van Whiskers’ and entertaining her fellow passengers with her eccentric tales, to the tweed-clad Lord Reginald, and his witty banter, each interaction offers a glimpse into a world you have only dreamed of.

With every passing mile, anticipation grows. The ‘CottonTail Soiree’ beckons, and as the train pulls into its destination, you step onto the platform, surrounded by the glittering lights and excitement of the world’s Fashion Elite, you know that this is just the beginning of a night you’ll never forget!

Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour aboard the Royal Victorian Express as they try on their favourite 'CottonTail Soiree' designs for you!

Kay Kitten (Bust: 79cm / Waist: 65.5cm / Hip: 91cm / Height: 172cm)

'Love Boat' Dress (4): 
The ‘D’Amour Love Boat Dress’ offered a snug fit with little to no stretch. Kay would suggest sizing up if you are bigger busted since it was tight around the bust. Kay loved how the dress cinches in at the waist and flares out, giving the sweetest silhouette.

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Front Frill Blouse (6): 
Kay loved how light and flowy the ‘CottonTail Soirée’ Front Frill Blouse was. She felt she would’ve been able to size down, since there was some room in the bust area. She loved the shirred wrist detailing on the sleeves, which gives versatility in how you would be able to wear the look.  

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Vest (4): 
Kay’s absolute favourite from the collection is the ‘CottonTail Soirée’ Vest in Black. She went with her usual size 4 and notes how it fits perfectly. From the black and white piping collar detail to the adorable buttons, to the waist cinching design, this is Kay’s must-have from the ‘CottonTail Soirée’ collection.

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Classic Skirt (4): 
Kay has always been sceptical of wearing tight-fitting skirts since she believes that she has no hips. However, after trying on the ‘CottonTail Soirée’ Classic Skirt in Black, she has since been converted! She notes how flattering the ‘CottonTail Soirée’ Classic Skirt is, firm at the waist and hips, with the most flattering flare at the thighs. This creates an illusion of an hourglass figure, which she loves. She believes this is another must-have from the ‘CottonTail Soirée’ collection.

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Blouse (4): 
Kay is in awe of the detailing in this blouse. She states that her wardrobe is predominantly black, so this collection is going to be very dangerous for her savings account… The white lace running vertically down the front of the blouse – accompanied by side frill detailing just makes her little Kitten heart flutter with joy!

CottonTail Soirée’ Wiggle Skirt (4): 
Kay squealed with delight as she admired the ‘CottonTail Soirée’ Wiggle Skirt  with its adorable ‘CottonTail Soirée’ print. She notes that the skirt fit perfectly around her waist, as well as her hips in her usual size 4. 

Brooke Kitten (Bust 101cm / Waist 86cm / Hips 104cm / Height 162cm)

'CottonTail Soiree’ Frill Front Blouse (12):
This blouse was a perfect fit, with ample room around the arms, shoulders and bust. Brooke loved how the cotton is extremely cooling and comfortable for our warm weather!

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Classic Wiggle Skirt (12):
Brooke loved the fit of this beautiful skirt, finding it to be true to her regular wiggle skirt size. Brooke found the lining was very soft, and the skirt was easy to move in!

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Blouse (12):
This blouse is true to size and fits beautifully!  Given that the material is slightly thicker, it will be fantastic for layering under the beautiful ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Vests or Peplum Jackets. 

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Wiggle Skirt (12):
Once again Brooke opted for her regular ‘wiggle’ sizing, finding this fit to be true to size.  The print is delightful! The fabric allowed for plenty of movement, and Brooke loved how flattering this skirt was, as it skimmed over her curves.


Jackie Kitten (Bust: 87cm / Waist: 74cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 163cm)

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Classic Wiggle Dress (10):
Jackie wore her normal size 10 in a wiggle for a firm fit on the hip. Jackie did find the bust area a little roomy but very comfortable. The beautiful textured green fabric has a light stretch for easy wear. The double lapel with fine black and white piping is that piece de resistance, as seen in a few designs this collection!

'Cotton Tail Soiree' Peplum Jacket (8):
This little jacket is simply divine! The double bustle and perfectly trimmed pockets make for such eye-catching features! Jackie found this Jacket a little more generous around the shoulder than the ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’ Crop Jacket, wearing her usual size 8 for a firm fit around the waist. This jacket is the perfect addition to any wardrobe and is so versatile!  Jackie Kitten loves that she can pair this design with so much of her wardrobe, from her Kitten jeans to her Full Dresses.

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Skirt (8):
The ‘CottonTail Soiree’ print is glorious! This skirt has all the little touches you could dream of. The detailed waistband, pinch pleats and tiny fluttering butterflies all combine to create an enchanting scenario.  Jackie wore her usual size 8 for a comfortable fit. Jackie added 2 petticoats for that extra drama and to show off more of the beautiful print.

‘CottonTail Soiree’ T-shirt (8):
This design has been created in a beautiful soft jersey print fabric and will make for a versatile basic to wear with jeans and many Kitten D’Amour designs. Jackie opted for her usual size 8 for a comfortable fit. While the jersey has stretch, Jackie felt the size 8 sat nicely around her waist. The lace square neck is so flattering and who doesn't love a velvet bow?

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Palazzo Pants (8):
Jackie is a little Palazzo Pants-obsessed and owns all the different colours from past collections. She wears her usual size 8 in palazzo pants, whereas she would normally be a size 10 in anything fitted on the hips. As the palazzo pants flow from the waist, they make for a very comfortable fit. Jackie found the length to be perfect with a small Kitten heel. She cannot wait to add the ‘CottonTail Soiree’ pair to her Palazzo pants collection!

Kerryn Kitten:  Bust: 95 cm / Waist: 80 cm / Hips: 108 cm / Height: 168 cm

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Dress (10):
Kerryn made a beeline straight for the ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Dress!  This dress gives everything she could ask for in a dress – it cinches her waist, is flattering across the bust, and she adores the bows on the shoulders! She wore her regular size 10 for the perfect fit and can’t wait to style it in all the different ways she dreams of!

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Blouse (10):
Kerryn wore her usual size 10 in this design, finding it a perfect fit in the torso.  The sleeves were roomy and comfortable, and she loved the little elastic panel in the cuff of the sleeve, which gave her all the wiggle room she needed to move!  She can’t wait to pair this blouse with so many of the designs in her wardrobe – this blouse is just so versatile! 

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Skirt (10):
Once again, Kerryn found the ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Skirt to be true to size, opting for her regular size 10 in this ‘must-have’ design.  This skirt will be coming home with her, as the pairing options for this one are endless!

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Peplum Jacket (10):
Kerryn loves this darling jacket, especially the contrasting buttons and contrast-trimmed pockets – oh and the bustle! We do love a bustle, don’t we Kittens?  Kerryn wore a size 10 in this design, finding it to be true to size.

Kerryn found each design to be true to size (including those not shown), wearing a size 10 in all designs except the wiggle designs and palazzo pants, where she generally wears a size 12.  You are going to adore this collection, Kittens!

Jess Kitten (Bust: 89cm / Waist: 78cm / Hip: 105cm / Height: 175cm)

Jess Kitten was so excited to write about 'CottonTail Soiree'. She adores the whimsical print adorned with charming butterflies, bees, and rabbits in suits and dresses! 

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Dress (8):
The first piece Jess just had to try on was the ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Dress. Wearing a firm but comfortable size 8, this dress defines the waist and creates the most beautiful hourglass. Jess Kitten styled this dress with ‘Ma Belle’ hair flowers, the black ‘La Traviata’ Long Pearl Necklace, D’Amour Back Seam Pantyhose in green, the Ritz shoes in black, and a Beauty School Belt in green. Jess wore her usual size in this design, finding it a perfect fit!

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Blouse (10):
Jess Kitten adores the lace detailing on this blouse, wearing her regular size in this design. She can't wait to add this one to her wardrobe!

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Skirt (8):
Jess Kitten loves the whimsical look of the Full Skirt, feeling it’s like something out of a vintage fairytale! This design was elevated with a Vintage Classic Petticoat, but Jess feels this design could be worn with two for extra flare!

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Frill Front Blouse (10):
This blouse is both professional and fun! Jess Kitten's favourite detail is the black and white striped trim on the frill feature! Jess wore her regular size 10 in this blouse for a perfect fit.

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Wiggle Skirt (10):
‘Enchanting’ is one word Jess Kitten felt in this next ensemble! Jess paired the ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Wiggle Skirt with the Frill Front Blouse and the ‘Gatsby’ Shoes. She found the wiggle skirt had a nice stretch and felt very easy to wear.

Mandie Kitten (Bust: 100 cm / Waist: 80 cm / Hips: 109 cm / Height: 168 cm)

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Dress (10):
Mandie wore her regular size 10, for a perfect fit.  She loved how the nipped-in waist accentuated her bust and hips, giving her that perfect hourglass figure she loves.  The gathered bust line and bow made for the perfect finishing touch! Mandie is wearing one petticoat, however, could easily have added a second one, as she loves to do!  This dress is her favourite ‘CottonTail Soiree’ design!


‘CottonTail Soiree’ Palazzo Pants (12):
Mandie is a ‘pants’ Kitten, loving the 1940s look of the wide-leg design.  She found she preferred the fit of the 12 and would consider the fit the same as that of previous Palazzo pants from collections such as ‘Regency’ and ‘Peacocks and Palaces’.

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Frill Front Blouse (10):
This blouse is another ‘must have’, with the sleeve length being just perfect for cooler weather!  If you prefer a blousier look, you may prefer to size up, but for Mandie the 10 gave the perfect look.  She loved how she could wear the sleeves pushed up or down for a different look.

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Vest (10):
Mandie opted for a size 10 in the vest, and just loved the different layering options it offers!  She loved the beautiful piping on the collar!  Mandie’s biggest decision will be which colour to choose… or will she need both?

‘CottonTail Soiree’ Classic Wiggle Dress (12):
Mandie’s regular ‘wiggle’ size is 12, and while she is wearing the 12 in her photo, she did find that there was a lot of stretch and she could have sized down to a size 10.  She loves the piping and pocket features of this dress, and can’t wait to pair it with the ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Peplum Jacket!

 Elena Kitten (Bust: 78cm / Waist: 59cm / Hip: 88cm / Height: 163cm)

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Full Dress (4):
Elena was in awe with the dreamy feel of this dress. The waist was cinched ever so perfectly around the waist, with a soft stretchy fabric that is oh so comfy. The ruched bust allowed for roomy comfort while helping create a stunning hourglass figure. Elena loved how the skirt flared over her hips, giving that classy vintage feel that everyone is sure to fall in love with!  Elena wears her usual size 4 for a perfect fit.

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Peplum Jacket (4):
This Peplum Jacket is a wardrobe must-have! The fabric is slightly on the thicker side, perfect for the upcoming Autumn breezes. Also, the button placement was perfect, low enough to let the blouses from this collection shine through, but high enough to keep warm. Sizing was fantastic in this jacket, with plenty of shimmy room. The bustle on the back of jacket is to die for!  Elena opted for size 4 – her usual size.

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Blouse (4):
The design of this top was ever so beautiful! The high neckline held a pretty classical charm to it, with the ruffles ever so fluttery. The puff sleeves of this blouse made for a stunning shape, accentuating the regal look of this top! True to size, Elena wears her usual size 4. This top was not as stretchy fabric-wise, but was still comfortable! If you have a larger bust, Elena Kitten recommends sizing up. 

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Wiggle Skirt (4): 
Oh goodness Kittens, this skirt is a NEED! The skirt showcases your figure, accentuating your stunning curves, all while being flexible and stretchy. It has a split up the back, making it super easy to walk in your prettiest kitten heels! The sizing on this skirt was brilliant, with Elena Kitten wearing her usual size 4. 

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Frill Front Blouse (4):
The sizing was generous on this design, allowing for a beautiful flowing fit. The frill front was ever so magical and highlighted Elena’s bust beautifully! Elena Kitten is obsessed with the lantern sleeves on this blouse and recommends opting for your usual size in this lightweight breezy fabric. 

‘CottonTail Soirée’ Classic Wiggle Skirt (4):
Elena Kitten felt oh so mysterious in this wiggle skirt! The mermaid flutter at the bottom of the skirt made for a lovely silhouette and felt incredibly comfortable. The waistband was generous, and the fit on the hips was perfect. A wardrobe staple that will match all the other Cotton Tail Soirée designs perfectly! Elena Kitten wears her usual size 4 in this design.






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    Absolutely love this range, the tip is so gorgeous and comfortable too.

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    The full skirt is true to size and feels so nice to wear. I think this will become my annual Easter go to.

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    Love this collection! I must get some of these on my next visit!!


    Just love this collection so much all the wonderful colours

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    Great collection. Lots of lovely pieces – I bought so much.

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