'CottonTail Soiree': Behind the Scenes!

Kitten D'Amour welcomes you Behind the Scenes of 'CottonTail Soiree'!

The 'CottonTail Soiree' Inspiration:

The design inspiration for ‘CottonTail Soiree’ draws from the opulent atmosphere of 1940s and 1950s high society, infused with a whimsical rabbit theme. 

Picture guests, arriving in style, aboard 'The Royal Victorian Express’ Steam Train, the wonder of the modern age. As you step onto the platform, you are transported into a world of sophistication and charm, where the Fashion Elite converge for an unforgettable experience. Amidst the vintage allure of the train's carriages, guests mingle and embrace the nostalgic ambience, anticipating an enchanting soirée ahead. 

The 'CottonTail Soiree' Print:

Designed by Alana, the 'CottonTail Soiree' fabric is unique to Kitten D'Amour! This enchanting print includes rabbits wearing Victorian clothing,  amidst a backdrop of flowers, butterflies, toadstools, and ladybirds.

The border design finishes off the print perfectly, while the print pops against the black background.

This delightful and eccentric design was aptly named ‘CottonTail Soiree' by Brook Kennedy, one of our favourite guests!

The 'CottonTail Soiree' Designs:

‘CottonTail Soiree’ is a captivating collection, featuring designs reminiscent of designs worn in the 1940s & 1950s. Included is the iconic ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Full Dress and Skirt, the oh-so-chic Wiggle Dress and Wiggle Skirts, Blouses, Cropped Jackets, Vests, and Palazzo Pants. 

Scattered throughout the collection, we have included black and white striped piping, bows, contrast buttons, and the charming ‘CottonTail Soiree’ print lining.  Oh… and did we mention the cute-as-a-button ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Fascinator?

Discerning Kittens will fall in love with the finer details - the ruffled bustle on the 'CottonTail Soiree' Peplum Jackets, the beautiful scarf and ‘CottonTail Soiree’ Brooch add the perfect finishing touch to this truly beautiful collection of designs!

Below: Tash and Mihaela Kittens sewing the 'CottonTail Soiree' samples!

The 'CottonTail Soiree' PhotoShoot Location:

In the historic Old Petrie Town, nestled amidst 48 acres of enchanting parklands, stands the oh-so-charming North Pine Railway Station. Once a bustling hub of activity, it now serves as the perfect backdrop for the 'Cotton Tail Soiree' photoshoot.

With its vintage charm and tales of yore as a ‘Cobb and Co’ Coach Depot, Telegraph Station, and Post Office, the station whispers stories of days long past. Oh, what tales it could tell!

Old Petrie Town is located at 901 Dayboro Road, Whiteside, QLD 4503, and attacts visitors every day!



Our 'CottonTail Soiree' Model
Adelaide Sines, an international model known for her work with luxury brands such as Chanel, was an ideal fit for the whimsical essence of the 'Cotton Tail Soiree' collection! Our longstanding Kittens will surely recall her distinctive appearance from iconic collections like 'Music Box' and 'La Parisienne' - she's truly beloved by all! And a fun fact: did you know Addie once worked in our QueensPlaza boutique back in 2019?

You can follow Adelaide's amazing career on Instagram here: @adelaide_sines

Curious to hear Addie's take on the 'Cotton Tail Soiree collection?

Addie writes:

Kitten D’Amour is much more than your usual fashion brand - the amount of detail and care that goes into the entire vision of the brand, let alone every individual collection, is remarkable.  When I wear a Kitten D’Amour design, I feel a connection to the people who really live and truly love the brand. 

I remember being impressed with the added details the collection had, such as a little additional stretch in the sleeves. My favourite design was the black ‘Love Boat’ Dress, I really loved the fit and how it made me feel!            



'CottonTail Soiree' Hair and Makeup:

Adelaide's enchanting makeup was crafted by none other than Sarah Harrington, the favoured makeup artist of Kitten D'Amour! The directive was "quirky glamour," and Sarah certainly exceeded expectations! 

We are smitten with Addie’s look, which you can recreate here!

 You can follow Sarah's fabulous portfolio of work on Instagram here!





Foundation: MAC Cosmetics
Powder: Laura Mercier
Eyes: Huda Beauty
Lips: Mecca Max
Blush: Narcissist
Contour: Nudestix

Addie's hair was styled with Silk Oil of Morocco Antifrizz Cream, SH Volumize Me Dust, 6 in 1 Volumizing Brush, Glide Hair Tools Pins and h2d Hair Care.








  • Lisa

    Adore this little insight into the photo shoot and to hear what the model loved the most! Makes me want to buy it, if her discerning taste says it’s great, it must be awesome!

  • Kat

    The rabbits are so cute. Love it

  • Jenny

    This collection.. rabbit’s. Dressed up rabbits. So me. Trying to find wallpaper for my bedroom the same

  • Tanya

    Another beautiful collection that continue to amaze me every time. Beautifully done as always, well done to Alana and the design team. I’m so excited for Cotton Tail Soirée 🐰❤️

  • Emma

    So excited for this collection, especially the wiggle skirt with its adorable print and the black Love Boat dress.

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