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Like popcorn at the movies or Kitten heels on a date, some things just go together. Another famous pairing would just have to be florals and summer! As the days grow warmer, the flowers seem to grow brighter right along with them- it’s a perfect match! And it just so happens to be the perfect time to break out your favourite summer dress too. After all, what’s better than a stroll along the board walk, your cotton dress flowing around you in the breeze? Or a visit to the refreshingly air-conditioned museum with a maxi skirt swishing at your ankles? What better time is there to show off a new fascinator? Summer always comes along with splendid summer fashions, and there are plenty of occasions to celebrate in a pretty dress. If you want to embrace the summer spirit with the best vintage dresses in Australia, then you simply must meet the new ‘Botanica’ collection! 

Whether you prefer a wiggle dress or a maxi skirt, the new ‘Botanica’ collection has something for everyone’s taste. Along with featuring the latest in vintage dresses Australia, these beautiful summer fashions are versatile too! Each and every one of the ‘Botanica’ dresses would look phenomenal as a summer bridesmaid dress, or even as a race day dress for those looking for amazing pinup dresses in Australia. There is even a phenomenal fascinator ready to give your outfit that extra touch of excellence! The vibrant flowers and colours in this collection will also have you feeling fresh as a daisy, ready to dance the day away in your new favourite wiggle dress.

Even if cotton dresses aren’t such a big part of your summer fashion look, don’t count ‘Botanica’ out just yet! With a beautiful range of beautiful tops and shorts in stunning summer fashions, the ‘Botanica’ collection features the best of pinup girl clothing Australia has to offer. With beautiful wiggle skirts along with its pretty dresses, this collection is ready to compliment any wardrobe! That isn’t even to mention the new ‘Botanica’ iteration of the iconic Kitten wiggle dress, possibly the most perfect race day dress you could choose- especially when you match it with an amazing fascinator!

Of course, while no one can deny the allure of a beautiful pinup girl skirt or a pretty dress, there is nothing quite so quintessentially summer fashion as a maxi skirt. The daring maxi skirt white background really makes the vivid flowers  jump out, whether you’re twirling the night away or even just standing still. With all the same flare as a summer dress, the ‘Botanica’ maxi skirt gives the amazing option to change the style of your outfit based on which top you choose to wear it with. If you love the idea of a summer bridesmaid dress along with the added feature of customizing it yourself, the maxi skirt will give you that. If you want something perfect for your new fascinator, the maxi skirt makes an adorable companion. Looking for something to go with that colourful top you own? The splashes of colour on the maxi skirt in white will go with anything! It’s the perfect example of refreshing summer fashion.

We all love the different styles of pinup girl clothing Australia has to offer, and there are plenty of occasions which call for a beautiful wiggle dress or the perfect pinup girl skirt. However, as the seasons change and the days become toastier, we also have the chance to branch out in our fashion choices. Not only will a summer dress have you feeling like the star of a romance movie whenever the wind picks up, but this pretty dress will also keep you cool as things heat up. Summers in Australia can be a little intense at times, but a flowing cotton dress will help you beat the heat in style. You can still break our your favourite wiggle skirt whenever you want to, and it won’t be long until you have a race day dress and fascinator hat paired together, but there’s nothing quite like the effortless style of a beautiful summer dress.

For your next favourite pinup dress in Australia, and for some absolutely stunning summer dresses, you simply must check out the new ‘Botanica’ collection! It’s sure to be a summer classic.



Kate Kitten's measurements: Bust: 116cm, Waist: 99cm, Hips: 117cm, Height: 170cm.

'Botanica Day Dress': Kate adored this stunning Design, finding the fit true-to-size, with plenty of arm room and movement! The neckline feature shaped Kate's bust beautifully while cinching in at the waist to showcase her stunning hourglass figure. Kate is seen wearing a size 14. 

'Botanica Striped Ruched Top (Red)': Loving the versatility of this adorable top, Kate found the fabric to be lovely and stretchy, so there was a comfortable amount of room. Kate could have sized down, however, she preferred the extra room in the 14. Kate found the sleeve width on this Top to be a perfect fit, not tight at all!

'Botanica Shorts (Red)': Not normally one to style a pair of Shorts, Kate was pleasantly surprised by how flattering the fit of these Shorts was. Highlighting her waist and hugging firmly but not tightly over her legs. Kate is wearing a size 14 in these lovely Shorts. 

'Botanica Maxi Dress': The Maxi dress, Kate found to be true to size. Wearing a size 14 Kate delighted over the flowy and light-weight nature of this Design, featuring a great waist shape! The tie-up bust detail meant that Kate could adjust to fit nicely over her bust!


Courtney Kitten's measurements: Bust: 90cm, Waist: 71cm, Hips: 103cm, Height: 172cm.

'Botanica Maxi Dress': A surprising favourite of Courtney's was this gorgeous Maxi Dress! Featuring her all-time favourite frill front top style, this Maxi Dress flowed beautifully over her form. Courtney found a size 8 to be a very comfortable fit! 

'Botanica Balloon Sleeve Top (Red)': With zero stretch to the material Courtney was super snug in a size 8 in this Top. Courtney would recommend Kittens size up in this one if you have a bigger bust, she will be taking home a size 10 herself for the extra room to breathe! 

'Botanica Shorts (Print)': An absolutely adorable addition to her wardrobe, these lined Shorts are perfect for Summer! Wearing a size 8, Courtney found them to be a perfect fit! 

'Botanica Balloon Sleeve Top (Print)': Again wearing a size 8 in this Design, the Print version has a little more room to work with than the Red or Blue in the same Design. Courtney found the size 8 in the print to be a flawless fit. 

'Botanica Maxi Skirt': Courtney Kitten found a new love with this flowing Maxi Skirt, opting to wear this Design at her waist Courtney sized down to a size 6 in this Design. Any Kittens who prefer to wear this Design on the waist should size down as well.


Mandie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 100cm, Waist: 76cm, Hips: 104cm Height: 168cm

'Botanica Day Dress': This gorgeous Day Dress was Mandie's top pick from the collection, with her favourite tiered full skirt feature Mandie was delighted to add another bright floral design to her Kitten wardrobe! She found a size 10 to be a fabulous fit! 

'Botanica Balloon Sleeve Top (Blue)': Wearing a size 10 in this new Top, Mandie loved the way the Design hugged and the balloon sleeves were perfect to add a bit of coverage on her arms. Mandie notes this Design has no stretch so Kittens who are a little bigger in the bust may like to size up. 

'Botanica Maxi Skirt': Loving how this new Skirt pairs with the Balloon Sleeve Tops Mandie wore this Design high on her waist. Sizing down to a size 8 in this Design, Kittens who would also like to wear this Design high-waisted may like to size down as well. 

'Botanica Wiggle Dress': Wiggling her way into Summer, Mandie found this Wiggle Dress to be a very true-to-size fit. Wearing her standard size 10, Mandie paired this Design with a scarf for a stunning look!


Gabby Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 83cm, Waist: 63cm, Hips: 93cm Height: 158cm

'Botanica Striped Ruched Top (Blue)': Styling something a little different than she would normally wear, Gabby found this top to be a very comfortable fit! Wearing a size 4, she paired this with the full skirt for a beautiful look!

'Botanica Tea Length Skirt': Wearing a size 4 in this Full Skirt, Gabby adored how light-weight and flowy this Design was, she also loved the hidden pockets! 

'Botanica Wiggle Dress': Gabby Kitten found the Wiggle Dress to be her favourite outfit from the collection. Fitting between sizes, Gabby can be seen wearing a size 6, however, notes that she could probably size down to a 4 with the stretch in the Design. However, she appreciated the extra room for wiggling! 

'Botanica Balloon Sleeve Top (Print)': 6 With no stretch in the Top, Gabby found a size 6 to be a fabulous fit in this top. Loving the Balloon Sleeves, Gabby paired this with the Shorts for a classic Summer outfit!

'Botanica Shorts (Blue)': Loving the versatility of the Shorts, Gabby fell head over heels in love with the Blue pair! The buttons and faux belt detail were her favourite features and loved the fit of the size 4!


Parveen Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 89cm, Waist: 63cm, Hips: 97cm Height: 168cm

'Botanica Wiggle Dress': Parveen wears a size 6 in this beautiful design. With its incredible stretch and form fitting comfort she says "this dress is not a want, it's a NEED!". She found the material so silky and smooth, making it the perfect wiggle for a hot summer in bombshell style.

'Botanica Day Dress': Parveen found this dress to be how walking on air must feel; it's whimsical light and floaty material makes for the perfect day dress, whether it be a picnic date or a walk on the beach. The material is so airy it can be worn on the hottest summers day, and it even includes hidden pockets of the perfect size.  She found the fit a bit more generous and sized down from her usual 6 to a 4. 

'Botanica Striped Ruched Top (Red)': Parveen went for a size 6 in this design, finding them generous in the waist with a perfect amount of stretch for comfort. Parveen loves the Ruched Top as the material is very light and soft with a stylish design to work with our Boston Corset Jeans, Botanica Tea Length Skirt, and countless other skirts from your most loved Kitten collections.

'Botanica Shorts (Red)': Parveen found a size 6 to be a fabulous fit in the Shorts very similar in fit to the 'Regency Ruffle Shorts'. Parveen recommends you choose the same size in both! 


Samantha Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 92cm, Waist: 85cm, Hips: 92cm Height: 160cm

'Botanica Lace Up Dress': Absolutely loving the gorgeous Red of this Design, Sam found a size 10 to be an excellent fit! Sam adored the lace up front, which adds the perfect touch to this Dress, with the longer sleeves having great coverage on the arms!

'Botanica Maxi Dress': Standing at 160cm, Sam wasn't sure the Maxi Dress was for her, however, the length on this Design was simply perfect! Finding a size 10 to be a fabulous fit, Samantha has found her Summer Dress! 

'D'Amour Square Neck Ruffle Top (Red)': The perfect mix and match piece, Sam found this Design to be a surprising favourite. Loving the brighter red shade, Sam will be pairing this with Jeans as well for those cooler Summer nights. Sam can be seen wearing a size 10.

'Botanica Tea Length Skirt': Light-weight and flowy this Skirt was a beautiful fit for Sam in a size 10. With so many vibrant floral colours, this Skirt is perfect to wear with any bright top! 


Jacqui Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 79cm, Waist: 71cm, Hips: 96cm Height: 162cm

'Botanica Day Dress': In Jacqui’s words, “This is THE dress of the season.” Sizing down from her usual 8 to a 6, this sweet dress made her feel like a garden party princess! Her favourite features are the beautiful panelling which gave her torso length (that she never thought she had!) and the skirt, just the right length to pair with a petticoat for added swooshiness! 

'D'Amour Clara Bow Cardigan': The addition of the Clara Bow Cardigan in a size small gave a lovely pop of colour with no added weight, leaving her feeling light as a feather and ready for summer! 

'Botanica Balloon Sleeve Top (Print)': The pure cotton top features the gorgeous Botanica floral print. It’s very versatile, and highlights the neck and collarbones with the delicate straps. Simply adorable! Jacqui went for a comfortable size 8 in this top.

'Botanica Shorts (Blue)': Sized down to a 6 in the shorts, as the waist felt a bit generous. The cute-as-a-button ruffles and belt feature on the shorts were a winner for her! 

'D'Amour Square Neck Ruffle Top (Blue)': What a combo! Jacqui loves the brilliant blue square neck ruffle top, in a firm but comfortable size 6 fit. With so many fabulous bright colours to choose from this Top will be Jacqui's Summer pick! 

'Botanica Maxi Skirt': Jacqui sized all the way down to a 4 in the maxi skirt, as the waist is very generous! This combo made her feel statuesque, and the high waist of the skirt hugged her at her slimmest point! 


 Courtney, Gabby and Sam are always available to assist Kittens with sizing and should you have any sizing queries please contact them via email at online@kittendamour.com or phone (07) 3245 1122. 


  • Edith

    I love ❤️ dress kitten D’Amour my favourite shop

  • Louise

    I just love this collection the light colours and beautiful florals are to die for. Kate you look beautiful xx

  • Val

    Im so excited to see some shorty Kittens in the blog at only 159cm it is fantastic to see u all in the clothes.

  • Hannah

    I am the same size as Courtney and I am so thankful when purchasing online that I can check my sizes with her advice. I can not wait to receive my Botanica design.

  • Willow

    Thank you Kittens! Your size guide is so helpful, the feedback you provide on each design is amazing, I found all my perfect sizes xx

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