A Kitten's guide for the perfect fit... featuring 'La Fleur Nocturne'

Hello Kittens, 

With the anticipation of a new collection launch just around the corner it maybe now you are starting to wonder..”What Should I Choose”, "What Size would I be”

With this in mind I thought I would take a moment to help all of our Kittens with any sizing questions they may have. 

And to help our lovely little Kittens, I have been able to try some of this beautiful collection on..and Yes it is just as beautiful as I expected!

For reference, I have listed my measurements below. 

Bust: 96cm

Waist: 76cm

Hips: 104cm

I consider myself a standard Kitten D'Amour size 10, I am however, a little broader in the shoulders. With this in mind, I sometimes need to size up.

I, of course, had to start with my favourite design from this collection, the beautiful 'La Fleur Nocturne Wiggle Dress’. 

All of my hopes and dreams have certainly been answered with this stunning design! 

The fit was very comfortable in a size 10, with enough room to move about, bend down & buckle my gorgeous new Purple Vixens! However, I do always recommend Shoes before Wiggle!

Moving on, my eye was drawn to the oh-so-stunning 'La Fleur Nocturne Dress’. This design captured my heart in a moment, with the elegant neckline and decadent lace trim. 

There is certainly nothing about this design I don't adore! 

I was a size 10 in this design as well, however, had a good amount of room left in the waist...if you are between sizes I would recommend sizing down. 



With a new design in the Kitten midst, I couldn't wait to try on the gorgeous new Capelet Wiggle Dress, and oh my goodness Kittens, this is certainly one to take home! With how fabulously stretchy this design is, I was incredibly comfortable in a size 10, and the cape sat beautifully! 

Though I wish I could share photos all day, I thought it best to be a little more modest and simply share the sizes I was, in each design!


They are as follows; 

'La Fleur Nocturne Birdsnest Skirt'

Size 10

*The waist band has been made from a non stretch satin-like material. I would recommend double-checking your waist measurement against our size guide for the perfect fit. 


'La Fleur Nocturne Blouse'

Size 10

*Due to the beautiful lace detailing, there is very limited stretch to this design. If you are between sizes, I would suggest to size up! 


'La Fleur Nocturne Bustle Skirt'

Size 10


'La Fleur Nocturne Button Dress'

Size 10


'La Fleur Nocturne Capelet Dress'

Size 10


'La Fleur Nocturne Coat'

Size 10

*I also have a size 10 in the 'What's New Pussycat Coat' and the '9-5 Overtime Coat' 


'La Fleur Nocturne Dress'

Size 10

*I had a little extra room in this design in the waist, however, once my petticoat was on, this was a fabulous fit. If you are between sizes, size down in this design. 


'La Fleur Nocturne Full Skirt' 

Size 10


La Fleur Nocturne Jersey Top

Size 10


'La Fleur Nocturne Lace Dress'

Size 10


'La Fleur Nocturne Lace Full Skirt'

Size 10


'La Fleur Nocturne Lace Wiggle Dress'

Size 12

*I sized up in this design as there is no stretch to the lace material and with my broader shoulders, I struggled to comfortably fit into my normal size 10.

I would suggest sizing up in this design. 


'La Fleur Nocturne Maxi Dress' 

Size 10


'La Fleur Nocturne Peek-A-Boo Top'

Size 10


'La Fleur Nocturne Velvet Vamp Dress (Black)'

Size 10  


'La Fleur Nocturne Wiggle Dress'

Size 10


I do hope this helps Kittens and remember.. myself and the Online Kittens are always available to help with sizing queries through our 'Live Chat' and email address: online@kittendamour.com


Until next time Kittens, Au Revoir.....

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