A Formal Affair: How to Tie the 'D'Amour Birdsnest' Skirt!

It's December, a whirlwind season of parties and dancing, champagne and sparkling conversation.  And of course, its the perfect season for a girl to slip into her vintage best, dusted in pearls, velvet, bows and her favorite dancing shoes!

When it comes to vintage glamour, we can't go past the ‘D’Amour Birdsnest’ Skirt —a marvel crafted from 25 meters of delicate sheer tulle, skilfully styled into five layers of vintage allure, or perhaps consider the 'La Luna' Birdsnest Skirt in Smokey Blue!  In this design, the tulle is the star.  The breathtaking vintage-style layered, voluminous skirt is guaranteed to make an impact, just perfect for the Kitten who believes 'too much' is a splendid beginning! Tulle is fabulously versatile, whether worn in a traditional ballgown style, or big, bold and voluminous in a stunning Birdsnest design.

Hidden ribbons are seamlessly sewn into the underside of the tulle, inviting you to playfully 'hitch' your skirt front to back, or experiment in every other way your heart desires. The result? Your own personalized level of fullness that's as dramatic as it is versatile. And if you're in the mood for a classic ball gown feel, go 'hitch-free' and revel in timeless elegance!
To unleash the full potential of this vintage glamour masterpiece, we present to you… the art of the hitch!

Step 1: Turn your skirt inside out.  If you don't have a mannequin, you could hang it from your door on a skirt hanger, or even spread it carefully on a large flat surface.

Step 2: Lift the lining up over the waist band and out of your way.

Step 3: The front of your skirt will have 3 pairs of ribbons at different levels of your skirt.  Start with the two closest to the hem and pull the bottom one up to the next tier.  Tie in a secure bow.

Step 4: Repeat, tying the bow up to the top ribbon.

Step 5: Repeat this process for the other ribbons.  The side and back of your skirt has two ribbons, rather than three, as it is designed to sit lower at the back.

Step 6:  Try your skirt on!  You may need to retie at different heights until you achieve the look you prefer.
Did you want more volume, Kittens? 

Embrace the drama! Wear two petticoats beneath your 'D'Amour Birdsnest' Skirts for an extra touch of glamour.  We recommend the 'Vintage Classic' Petticoat, now available in a range of sizes!
    Customize your look! Add as much extra 'hitch' as your heart desires for a bespoke look that's as unique as you are! Simply bundle handfuls of tulle into each tie to create even more volume!

    Indulge in the art of hitching and let your style take flight with Kitten D’Amour’s Birdsnest Skirts—where glamour meets drama in the most decadent of ways!
    If you'd love to pair your 'D'Amour Birdsnest Skirt' with one of Kitten D'Amour's Corsets, here's Tash Kitten demonstrating how she ties her corset!


    • Susie

      I already have a couple of the petticoats, but this birdsnest skirt is definitely on my list. Thanks for bringing back elegance and style. No matter what your size or shape you can find something in this shop to make you look and feel amazing!

    • Joanne Stebbing

      Useful information regarding how to properly wear such an item.

    • June

      Thank you so much for this!

    • Amanda

      Wow! I’ve never been able to figure out the bird nest skirts before! What a great video – thanks!

    • Lisa Welsh

      Thank you for this! This was very helpful in sorting out all those hidden ribbons! I adore my bird’s nest skirt. Lisa Kitten

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