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Kitten D'Amour Crossword Puzzle


4. 22, 29 & 56
5. A bustling suburb in Brisbane's north
8. If you were to kiss me more than once?
9. They’re “great” and feature memory foam
10. The name of a beautiful building where you can find a Kitten D’Amour shop in Sydney
14. Retail paradise in Melbourne’s East!
15. Birthplace of the blues and jazz music
18. A location at the heart of a city
19. When Kitten D’Amour opens their new shop at Westfield Doncaster in September, how many boutiques will there be?
22. We don't have VIPs, we have...?
25. An elegant piece to drape, wrap or knot
26. What’s the main ingredient of the Kitten D’Amour chocolate bar? 🍫
28. Harbour city with an iconic opera house!
29. A social media platform for all your Kitten D'Amour updates!
31. Australia's fashion capital
33. Where are the poodles? 🐩
36. Glamorous new soles to elevate your style
37. A beautiful collection of designs from Kitten D’Amour called, 'My Giddy…'?
38. A romantic rendezvous spot in the City of Love ❤️
41. Capital of Massachusetts
42. Thanks, It has …
44. Name the cat on the back of the hat box 🐱
48. To listen to music played in each Kitten D’Amour shop, you download the Kitten D’Amour Radio…? 📻
51. Clues 59, 27, 5
53. Clues 59, 27, 31
56. A glamorous alliance of trendsetters
57. Makeup with a touch of Kitten D’Amour
58. Eiffel _____, The Leaning _____, The Tokyo _____
59. The first design of its kind
60. Enchanting getaway to the country of love ✈️💗
1. A glamorous pin for any Kitten D’Amour ensemble
2. The moon, romantically named 🌙
3. Clues 59, 27, 7, 58
6. The crowned ruler of a red fruit! 🍓
7. A medieval palace
11. A popular French hat
12. A flick of the switch brings light!
13. The beautiful country where Kitten D’Amour originated!
16. Elementary my dear Watson…
17. Capital of the Sunshine State ☀️
20. French term for “The garden”
21. Name a really ‘cool’ menswear label
23. Your go-to station for elegant tunes
24. What’s in the palace?
27. A special kitten deal!
30. The DJ of Kitten D’Amour Radio 📻
32. Kitten D’Amour accessories that holds all your treasures!
34. What are Kitten Wiggles’ famous for?
35. What was that collection? “Ferocious Kitten?” That’s not quite right…
39. “Let them eat cake!" 🍰
40. 'Petals and ?'
43. Lone star state
45. Amazing DJ and Music Producer who has a show every weekend on Kitten D’Amour Radio
46. Ticket into space?
47. Our popular nautical collection!
49. Kitten D’Amour’s signature scent
50. It’s an iconic Kitten D’Amour design that hugs you in all the right places
52. Healthy summer dessert in a bowl!
54. What’s French for “Perfume”?
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