Kitten D'Amour Crossword

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4. A type of book that Arabella's great-grandmother famously wrote in the 20th century.
6. Arabella who?
10. The breed of Arabella's cat, a ____ forest cat.
11. Arabella's preferred type of garment.
12. The grim fate of Philip Wentworth in the mid-15th century.
13. A neck accessory, often worn by Mr Van Whiskers.
14. A patterned fabric, Scottish in origin, frequently seen in Arabella's wardrobe.
15. Arabella's beloved pet, a regal-looking cat with a distinguished name.
17. The king associated with Arabella's ancestor, Philip Wentworth.
18. An upper garment that pairs perfectly with Arabella's skirts, known for its femininity.
20. A style of dress that Arabella is famous for wearing, known for its form-fitting elegance.
21. A place Arabella frequents, showcasing her unique attire to the locals.
1. Footwear that completes Arabella's look, from vintage heels to stylish boots.
2. An outer garment worn by Arabella, offering both style and warmth. 
3. The market town near Arabella's home, where she's often seen shopping. 
5. The name of Arabella's grand estate.
7. A garment worn to shape the torso, reflective of Arabella's love for historical fashion. 
8. The country where Arabella's ancestral home, Wentworth Woodhouse, is located. 
9. A soft, round hat that adds a touch of French flair to Arabella's outfits. 
12. A feature of coats and dresses in the Victorian era, often seen in Arabella's fashion choices. 
16. The first name of Miss Wentworth?
19. A piece of fabric worn around the neck, adding a pop of colour to Arabella's ensembles.