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      While the days are long and hot, a light breeze can always make you feel refreshed, especially if you’re wearing the perfect outfit to enjoy the day with! ‘Summer Breeze’ just happens to be the name of the latest Summer collection from Kitten D’Amour! ‘Summer Breeze’ includes the most delightful Maxi Dress, Day Dress and Full Skirt….created to complement so many Kitten D’Amour designs!


      The ‘Summer Breeze’ pattern consists of delicate flowers in all colours over a vintage blue background, created in 100% Cotton! The 100% Cotton fabric ensures each Design will feel light weight and breezy!

      The ‘Summer Breeze’ collection is perfect for any occasion; whether you want to stroll along the beach in your new summer dress or go to a picnic in the park in your gorgeous maxi dress. Whatever your favourite summer pastimes are, you can do them in classic style with this new collection.

      For sizing advice and more outfit inspiration, visit the 'Summer Breeze' - Size Guide here!