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      If there’s one thing sure to brighten your mood, it’s the sight of a beautiful butterfly! Whether it’s resting on a flower or floating through the air, their colourful little wings are sure to bring a smile to your face. With summer nearly upon us, you don’t have to look far to find a butterfly…particularly when you discover the latest ‘Petit Papillon’ Collection from Kitten D’Amour! Make sure you are ready to find your new favourite vintage dress, ‘Petit Papillon’ will be fluttering into your wardrobe very soon.

      The new ‘Petit Papillon’ collection has everything that Kitten D’Amour is famous for when it comes to Vintage designs; from the flouncy and flowing maxi dress to the extremely elegant day dress…Petit Papillon is a beautiful collection of designs! 'Petit Papillon' makes the most out of summer fashion across the entire collection. With a stunning print of illustrated butterflies and flowers, there are also a number of garments in this collection that are available in pink, green, or red….so everyone is guaranteed to find the colour that suits them most! We hope you will agree that the ‘Petit Papillon’ maxi dress is absolute perfection in pink! Also, let’s not forget the gorgeous wiggle skirts that are also available in petit Papillon!

      The classic Kitten black bustle wiggle skirt in 'Petit Papillon' features the pink ‘Petit Papillon’ print through the bottom ruffle, this most beautiful touch of colour for the most beautiful wiggle skirt! The vintage dresses and skirts created for this collection certainly don’t lack in colour either. Their beautifully illustrated details are both elegant and so full of summer fashion fun.

      For your next favourite vintage dress, whether you live a wiggle skirt life or your wardrobe is all about the fabulous maxi dress, ‘Petit Papillon’ is the beautiful butterfly collection that you will need in your life!