Fly Me To The Moon

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      Space is full of the unknown; that’s what makes it so exciting, and there are no shortage of TV shows or movies which explore what could be out there.

      The sci-fi fashion in these shows is probably the best part, whether you want to admire a space dress or a design in the style of a women’s military jackets. ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ pays wonderful homage to these terrific styles with incredible vintage dresses combined with a wonderful blend of vintage style and Sci-Fi pizazz! Hold on tight to your seats Kittens, because these designs might just be the very best in pinup girl clothing!

      Have you ever wondered what sci-fi fashion would look like? Well, if our 1950s inspired comic print is anything to go by, then the space ships of the future are sure to feature dresses in such styles as retro, vintage, rockabilly, and even a comic dress! Comic dress? More like cosmic dress!

      If you love vintage dresses, then these unique printed dresses are exactly what you need! Women’s military jackets, rockabilly clothing, a black wiggle dress or bustle skirt, the very best of vintage tops- they all make up some incredible pinup girl clothing, and they’re all part of the ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ collection! Much like the beloved Kitten D’Amour ‘Space Patrol’, the designs in this collection are full of strength and style that can’t be matched.
      You haven’t known fashion until you’ve known these space dress!

      ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ is a fashionably fun trip to the 1950s full of unique printed dresses, the best vintage skirts, and some truly fantastic pinup girl clothing. It seamlessly combines the romantic notion of adventure with the mystery of space and sci-fi fashion.

      Look out of this world for your next off-Earth expedition with ‘Fly Me to the Moon’!