Your Gift Guide For A Very Kitten Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! There’s joy in the air as we all prepare for the holiday season, whether that be with tinsel or with travel plans. Regardless of how you celebrate throughout the month of December, one thing’s for sure: it’s the time to conjure your Christmas ideas and show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Gifts aren’t the only way to do that of course, but they sure go well with the season of giving!

If you aren’t quite sure what to buy for your favourite fashion fan, don’t worry- Kitten D’Amour is here with all the Christmas gift ideas you could possibly need! Check out our Christmas Gift Guide for the present they’re sure to love.

Featured Designs (Left to Right):  D'Amour Giverny Maxi Dress Celestial Vamp Dress (Turquoise) Petit Papillon Maxi Dress


You can never have too many dresses, especially when it’s a Kitten D’Amour design! We have a dress to suit every style, whether it be a gorgeous wiggle dress or one of the incredible vintage dresses across our various collections. The most perfect gift for the season, however, would absolutely have to be the new Kitten D’Amour Celestial Vamp Dresses!  

Featured Designs (Left to Right): Knightsbridge PVC Coat (Black) Regency Bustle Coat D'Amour Fur Collar Coat (Green)


While the traditional summer Christmas in Australia might not sound like perfect sweater weather, that doesn’t stop a fashionable Kitten coat from being the perfect Christmas gift idea. Not only will your loved one feel ecstatic at the sight of one of these stunning coats, but they’ll also be perfectly prepared for when the cold starts to set in again- not to mention the endless possibilities for traveling in style!

As if a beautiful velvet or brocade coat isn’t already amazing, these coats are also a perfect addition to any outfit. Any coat would be a gorgeous accompaniment with the best Christmas dress in Australia, as well as all your Kitten D’Amour favourites. If you feel like spoiling that special someone, then a gift of a vintage dress and elegant coat are the perfect combination! If you have more of a budget in mind, there are still plenty of Christmas gift ideas on this list to suit your needs.  

Featured Designs (Left to Right): Pantyhose Back Seam Ballerina Pantyhose Opaque Back Seam (Black) Pantyhose Back Seam Unicorn


Our stunning retro stockings make the most perfect stocking-stuffers, so to speak. Available in a range of colours and styles, the Kitten D’Amour retro stockings and vintage pantyhose give you the option of variety in your gift- even if you just end up gifting your loved ones a collection of silky retro stockings!

Not only are retro stockings the perfect gift for that friend who prefers a more practical gift, but they also take some of the guess-work out of your Christmas shopping. With their stretchable material and flexible sizing, you can pick out the pair you like most with the guarantee that they’ll be the perfect fit! And they look absolutely stunning with any Kitten D’Amour heels, too.


Featured Designs (Left to Right): Fifth Avenue Shoe (Blue) Dietrich Shoe (Pale Pink) Hellcat Shoe (Red)


Every fantastic outfit needs a fabulous pair of shoes to go along with it. If someone close to you has been unable to find the perfect pair to match their favourite outfit, now is the best time for you to dazzle them with one of our beautiful designs! Our stunning shoes cover a wide range of styles, so there’s always something available for every preference! With new designs arriving regularly, as well as restocks of old favourites, there are plenty of opportunities for you to pick out a pair that your loved one hasn’t claimed for themselves yet! The ever-stylish red heels might just inspire some new Christmas ideas while you’re shopping too. 

Featured Designs (Left to Right): Brooklyn Bowling Bag (Black) Regency Handbag (Brocade) Knightsbridge Handbag (Check) 


Another gift for your pragmatic friends and family members, a Kitten D’Amour handbag is the perfect blend of style and practicality! It can be hard to find a good handbag when you’re shopping for yourself or others, as all the available options always seem either extremely big or impossibly tiny. Our Kitten bags help make up for this by offering a variety of bags in a variety of shapes and sizes- including some of those with eccentric proportions! With all the sizes and styles available, there’s a handbag for even the most selective of people. The only problem will be not falling in love with the handbag yourself!


Featured Designs (Left to Right): Voyager Travel Bag (Pink) Voyager Travel Bag (Mint)

Travel Bag

In addition to the already-amazing handbags we have available, Kitten D’Amour has just released the newest addition to our luggage items- the ‘Travel Bag’! We have had overnight bags before, in the typical rectangle shape of most luggage, but the ‘Travel Bag’ with its elegant curves is a first for Kitten D’Amour. The new ‘Travel Bag’ is the very picture of classic charm, looking every bit as if it were just wheeled over to us from the set of a 1950’s golden age film! If you know someone who’s ready for the voyage of a lifetime, give them the gift to go with it!

Featured Designs (Left to Right): Regency Cameo Choker  D'Amour Velvet Bow Earrings D'Amour Cameo Brooch Large


While there are many facets of Kitten D’Amour that are so uniquely ‘us’, you simply can’t deny the eye-catching nature of our jewellery! With everything from a classic pearl necklace to an adorable canary brooch, the variety of our fabulous family of accessories means that there is always something to suit the tastes of whomever you might be shopping for! And if there isn’t anything catching your eye right now, our accessory team is constantly working on new projects and designs. Simply come back in another week and you might just find a necklace that was just made to adorn the neck of your best friend!

Featured Designs (Left to Right): Petit Papillon Statement Fascinator  Midnight In Paris Rhinestone Headband (Black) D'Amour Headband Veil (Black)


Necklaces and brooches aren’t the only accessories that make prime Christmas gift ideas! Our hair accessories make a beautiful addition to any outfit, regardless of whether your loved ones prefer to dress up in a wiggle dress or rock some jeans and a T-Shirt! You can choose from fabulous fascinators, bedazzled headbands, and hair flowers in every colour imaginable. For anyone seeking a bit of inspiration or some Christmas ideas, the red and green hair flowers should make the perfect companions for a good dose of Christmas spirit!


Featured Designs (Left to Right): Tamborine Mountain 1932 Tea Towel Snakes And Ladders Apron Tamborine Mountain 1932 Teacup Set


Sometimes it’s the smallest gifts that have the biggest impact, especially when it’s something with the power to brighten up a home. Our Kitten D’Amour tea towels are one such example of this. These cute tea towels are available in three unique styles, ranging from bright and cheerful to darker and more mysterious, proving that even a cotton tea towel can appeal to any taste! They make a great feature in any kitchen, whether they’re draped over the oven handle or folded neatly on the counter. The ‘Tamborine Mountain 1932’ tea towel in particular holds plenty of potential for great Christmas gift ideas as it can be paired with the matching teacup set of the same name- and the picnic blanket too! These great gifts are perfect for the loved one who loves opportunities.


Featured Designs (Left to Right): Parfume D'Interieur Avignon Kitten D'Amour Essential Oil Diffuser  Diffuser Oil Paris


So much of Kitten D’Amour is so unique, but the one thing that you most certainly cannot find anywhere else would have to be our range of room sprays and diffuser oils. The entire range currently holds five scents, available in both options: Marseille, Vallee De La Loire, Limoges, Toulouse, Avignon, and Paris. Paris, our signature and most famous scent, is even available with added style as a reed diffuser! Each of these fragrances is as captivating as it is distinct, and they’re a great gift even as stand-alone items. Of course, if you did want to go the extra mile, the Kitten D’Amour Essential Oil Diffuser is the gift you don’t want to miss!

We hope this gift guide was helpful for all our wonderful Kittens. Whichever Christmas gift ideas you settle on, we hope you receive a gift back which is just as perfect!

Kitten D'Amour xx


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    I love Christmas dresses

  • Edith

    I love Christmas dresses

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