The Jewellery of 'La Fleur Nocturne'...

Hello Kittens, 

I am ever so excited today to bring you with me, to take a closer look at our gorgeous new 'La Fleur Nocturne' Jewellery. 

Our 'La Fleur Nocturne' Necklaces and Earrings are all hand-made here at our Brisbane studio by Alana Kitten herself. Made from stunning glass beads, intricate golden metal chains, and hand-painted ornaments, these pieces are completely unique to Kitten D'Amour.

Each Necklace and Earring set takes hours to complete with the love and warmth of Kitten D'Amour poured into each one. Hand-painted, each Necklace and Earrings will be uniquely different, with slight variations of colour on each. 

Matching with the elegant and alluring 'La Fleur Nocturne' collection, these three pieces are the perfect match, sure to draw gazes and elicit exclamations of glamour. 

Come take a closer look, with these unboxing videos for the gorgeous 'La Fleur Nocturne Droplet Heart Necklace' and 'La Fleur Nocturne Earrings'. 





Arriving in our lovely Kitten D'Amour Jewellery box, this necklace is delicately draped upon a luxurious satin cushion and will arrive safe and sound.


Embellished with an intricate cameo and decorated with a beautiful in-bloom purple rose, falling delicately into purple love heart pendant. Paired with the 'La Fleur Nocturne Earrings', this set is truly a Kitten rarity. With only 60 of these beautiful designs ever made will one be going home with you? 

Until next time Kittens, Au Revoir.....




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