'Petit Papillon' - Size Guide

If there’s one thing sure to brighten your mood, it’s the sight of a beautiful butterfly! Whether it’s resting on a flower or floating through the air, their colourful little wings are sure to bring a smile to your face. With summer nearly upon us, you don’t have to look far to find a butterfly…particularly when you discover the latest ‘Petit Papillon’ Collection from Kitten D’Amour! Make sure you are ready to find your new favourite vintage dress, ‘Petit Papillon’ will be fluttering into your wardrobe very soon.

The new ‘Petit Papillon’ collection has everything that Kitten D’Amour is famous for when it comes to Vintage designs; from the flouncy and flowing maxi dress to the extremely elegant day dress…Petit Papillon is a beautiful collection of designs! Petit Papillon makes the most out of summer fashion across the entire collection. With a stunning print of illustrated butterflies and flowers, there are also a number of garments in this collection that are available in pink, green, or red….so everyone is guaranteed to find the colour that suits them most! We hope you will agree that the ‘Petit Papillon’ maxi dress is absolute perfection in pink! Also, let’s not forget the gorgeous wiggle skirts that are also available in petit Papillon!

The classic Kitten black bustle wiggle skirt in Petit Papillon features the pink ‘Petit Papillon’ print through the bottom ruffle, this most beautiful touch of colour for the most beautiful wiggle skirt! The vintage dresses and skirts created for this collection certainly don’t lack in colour either. Their beautifully illustrated details are both elegant and so full of summer fashion fun.

For your next favourite vintage dress, whether you live a wiggle skirt life or your wardrobe is all about the fabulous maxi dress, ‘Petit Papillon’ is the beautiful butterfly collection that you will need in your life!


Kate Kitten's measurements: Bust: 116cm, Waist: 99cm, Hips: 117cm, Height: 170cm.

'Petit Papillon Ruffle Sleeve Top (Pink)': The Ruffle Sleeve Top was Kate's favourite! She was concerned that her bust line might be cut in half or the elastic too tight on the sleeves...but they were a lovely fit! The elastic in the sleeve has lots give and allows for plenty of movement.

'Petit Papillon Bustle Wiggle Skirt': The Bustle Wiggle Skirt fits like a glove! It has a very similar fit and feel to the 'Vicious Kitten' Wiggle Skirt in Black. Very shapely and hides bumps. The size 14 was a firm fit, but not firm enough that Kate would go up a size. However if you would like a little more room to wiggle (and you are between sizes) Kate would recommend going up. 


'Petit Papillon Day Dress': Wearing a size 14, Kate found the Day Dress a dream! Light, breezy and so pretty! Kate felt so comfortable in this Design and loved the fit on the waist! The elastic wasn't tight and created a nice little gather even when stretched for her bust-line. The pockets were very sneaky...they have no bulk and leave a smooth finish. 

'Petit Papillon Cowl Top (Red)': The Cowl Top is a perfect match to the Kitty Knickers, but Kate would wear this top as day or evening wearing also! It is nice and stretchy and ideal for a larger bust, she found a size L to be her perfect fit. One in every colour is a must!

'Petit Papillon Satin Kitty Knickers (Red)': The Kitty Knickers are silky soft and feel so luxurious! The elastic is not at all tight around the thighs (super stretchy) you could easily go down a size if you would like less 'puff' in your bloomers! Kate found a size L to be a lovely fit. 


Mandie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 98cm, Waist: 80cm, Hips: 104cm Height: 168cm

'D'Amour Lace Shrug (Black)'Perfect to add a touch more glamour to her outfit and help cover her arms, Mandie was delighted to see this Lace Shrug return! Wearing a size 10, this Shrug is Mandie's must-have! 

'Petit Papillon Steel Boned Corset'Delighted to add another Kitten Corset to the collection, Mandie found this Corset to be the exact same fit as our previous Corset Designs so there is no need to be concerned with differences! Mandie is wearing her standard size 10.

'D'Amour Birdsnest Skirt (Black)'Paired with the 'D'Amour Birdsnest Skirt' Mandie had found her next outfit for a night out! Finding this Skirt to be very true to size, Mandie can be seen wearing a size 10. Mandie notes there is no stretch to the fabric so if you are between sizes be sure to size up! 

'Petit Papillon Cowl Top (Pink)'This super stretchy Design will be making it's way home with Mandie. The perfect piece to dress up or dress down! Mandie can be seen wearing a size M.

'Petit Papillon Satin Kitty Knickers (Pink)'For the cutest PJ's ever to grace your Kitten wardrobe, look no further than these adorable Kitty Knickers! Paired with the Cowl Top, this look will have you sleeping like a Kitten! Mandie found a Size M in these Kitty Knickers to be a very comfortable fit!

'Petit Papillon Day Dress'This Design is one of Mandie's all time favourite styles with the delicate lace bust and the hidden pockets, Mandie was delighted to see this Design in a stunning new print. Wearing a size 10 in this Design Mandie found the fit to be very true to size!


Courtney Kitten's measurements: Bust: 90cm, Waist: 71cm, Hips: 103cm, Height: 172cm.

'Petit Papillon Maxi Dress'Wearing a size 8 in this beautiful new Maxi Dress, Courtney fell head over heels in love with the elegant details of this Design. The flutter sleeves were a lovely touch, and Courtney found them very comfortable even with her broader shoulders. 

'Petit Papillon Cowl Top (Blue)'With her favourite colour being blue, Courtney jumped at the chance to add this adorable set to her Kitten collection. With the oh so comfy stretch Cowl Top, Courtney was just in love with the fit of the size S! 

'Petit Papillon Satin Kitty Knickers (Blue)'Made to match these stunning Kitty Knickers are the must-have you need this season! Wearing a size S, Courtney found them incredibly stretchy, made for a restful nights sleep. 

'Petit Papillon Ruffle Sleeve Top (Pink)'This Ruffle Top is just a new favourite style for Courtney, hugging the figure beautifully with a square neckline. This Design is perfect for pairing with any Kitten D'Amour bottoms. Wearing a size 8, Courtney found this to be very true-to-size. 

'Petit Papillon Wide Leg Pant'These gorgeous Wide-Leg Pants have returned just in time to pair with your favourite 'Petit Papillon' tops. Wearing a size 8 Courtney found the fit to be the same as our beautiful 'Regency Wide Leg Pants' and recommends you choose your same size! They are a little roomier so any Kittens in between sizes may like to size down. 


Gabby Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 83cm, Waist: 63cm, Hips: 93cm Height: 158cm

'Petit Papillon Maxi Dress':  Standing at 158cm Gabby wasn't certain if this Maxi Dress was for her, however, her doubts melted away when she tried on this beautiful Design! Wearing a size 4 in this Design Gabby loved the flutter sleeves, paired with the matching Butterfly Choker, Gabby has found her next outfit on the town. 

'Petit Papillon Cowl Top (Green)'Loving her first Green Kitten D'Amour set, Gabby just adored the style of this top. Very stretchy and versatile this top can be worn for any occasion! Gabby can be seen wearing an XS. 

'Petit Papillon Satin Kitty Knickers (Green)'Paired perfectly with the new Cowl Top, these Kitty Knickers are perfect for those warmer Summer nights. Loving the flowy look Gabby found a size S to be a great fit!

'Petit Papillon Steel Boned Corset'Wearing a size 6 and absolutely adoring the shape our Corsets provide Gabby couldn't wait to try on this new Design. Hugging the figure with additional velvet trim details, this was love at first sight. 

'Petit Papillon Bustle Wiggle Skirt'Shaping her hips beautifully, Gabby found her favourite from this collection. Wearing a size 6 to cater for her curvier hips, Gabby notes there is a slight amount of stretch in this Design!



Parveen Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 89cm, Waist: 63cm, Hips: 97cm Height: 157cm

'D'Amour Lace Shrug (Black)'Parveen notes that this piece is the perfect accompaniment for all your Petit Papillon beauties. With a silky soft lace it's comfortable, flattering, and the perfect mix of class and allure-this design is sure to elevate your outfit to the next level. Parveen found a size 4 to be a lovely fit!

'D'Amour Madam Ruffle Singlet (Pink)': Parveen loves this new D'Amour singlet as it is perfect to dress up or dress down. She loves the soft jersey material that not only hugs the figure but is incredibly comfortable and stretchy, finding a size S to be a perfect fit!

'Petit Papillon Bustle Wiggle Skirt': In true Kitten fashion this Wiggle Skirt features the perfect amount of stretch for comfort, while hugging your curves to give an incredible silhouette... with the added bonus of a flattering bustle! Parveen tends to range between a size 4-6, however, Parveen found the size 6 perfect and recommends that any Kittens between sizes choose their size up for extra comfort.

'Petit Papillon Steel Boned Corset': Parveen has been collecting corsets for many years and is fascinated by the art of corsetry, it's no surprise she fell in love with this piece from the first look! She says the structure is incredible, with new features to Kitten Corsets such as heavy velvet lacing and velvet details this design is an absolute dream. She found a size 4 the best fit with her small waist measurements, and notes that if Kittens loved our Regency Pinstripe Corset they will obsess over 'Petit Papillon'!



Mandie, Courtney, and Gabby are always available to assist Kittens with sizing and should you have any sizing queries please contact them via email at online@kittendamour.com or phone (07) 3245 1122. 


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    The size guide is so useful.

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    PAJAMAS! Kitten keeps answering my prayers…how am I meant to pick just one colour D;

  • Natalia

    Too cute! Love seeing other shorties wearing the maxi ;) my christmas wishlist is growiiiiing!

  • Amalia

    Obsessed with the new accessories. I am totally going to be best dressed at my next gala. Tahnks Ladies xx

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