'Lovey Dovey' - Size Guide


And like the rose, thou art so fair,

And my heart, forever, thou dost ensnare.

And like turtle doves, our love doth soar,

On wings of passion, forevermore.

So on this day of love, I give to thy my heart to share,

In thy Kitten D'Amour, thou art a goddess fair

My Lovey Dovey, so beautiful in thy Kitten D’Amour,

You will always be my love….for now and forevermore.


Valentine’s Day is JUST around the corner and we can feel romance in the air! It’s an exciting time for everyone...whether you’re looking for love, celebrating with your love, or loving yourself! 

Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour as they try on their favourite Designs from 'Lovey Dovey'!


'Lovey Dovey' featuring Mandie Kitten!
Bust 100cm / Waist 79cm / Hips 106cm / Height 172cm

'Lovey Dovey' Day Dress (10)

The Day dress is Mandie's absolute favourite design! She found this piece true to size in her usual size 10. However, she does note: "Being 100% Cotton, there is minimal stretch to this design, I would recommend sizing up if you are between sizes."

'Lovey Dovey' Frill Scarf Blouse Rose (8)

Mandie is wearing a size 8 in the Frill Scarf Blouse, as she prefers a more fitted look. She notes: "This Blouse is light-weight and so breathable, a must have for my wardrobe!"

'Lovey Dovey' Full Skirt (10)
Mandie just adored the pink edge detail on the hem of this Design! Mandie loves a little extra fullness and is wearing two petticoats in her picture! 

'Lovey Dovey' Lace Dress Beige (10)
Mandie had heart eyes when you saw this classic Kitten D'Amour Design make a return! Mandie found this Dress true to size and notes if you are between sizes you could size down!


'Lovey Dovey' featuring Gabriella Kitten
Bust 90cm / Waist 66cm / Hip 94cm / Height 166cm

'Lovey Dovey' Lace Dress Rose (6)

Gabriella says: "How could I deny my all time favourite?! Wearing Red is an occasion in itself and this beautiful shade of Rose Red is stunningly feminine!  A must-have for any girl that refuses to be 'baby in the corner'!"

Gabrielle is between sizes and found the Lace Dress a touch roomy so sized down to the 6.


'Lovey Dovey' featuring Jackie Kitten

Bust 90cm / Waist 73cm / Hips 102cm / Height: 163cm 

'Lovey Dovey' Day Dress (10) and 'Madame Coco' V Neck Cardigan Coral (S)
Jackie highlights: "This fabulous dress is the same cut as "Up, Up and Away"! I've been waiting for this for years! The NEW 'Madame Coco V Neck Cardigan' in Coral pairs perfectly with the colours of 'Lovey Dovey'...I am in LOVE with this combo!"
Jackie found this Design a little firmer under the arm and decided the size 10 was a the perfect fit!

'Lovey Dovey' Scarf Frill Blouse Pink (8)
Jackie found this Blouse to be a beautiful drape fit! If you are between sizes she recommends sizing down. Jackie says: "I can see this blouse working with so many of my kitten pieces, it's a must have!"

'Lovey Dovey' Full Skirt (8)
Jackie found the Full Skirt true to size and the perfect fit on her waist! (She can never so no to a Skirt with pockets)!



'Lovey Dovey' featuring Parveen Kitten!
Bust 89cm / Waist 63cm / Hips 97cm / Height 157cm
'Lovey Dovey' Day Dress (4)
Parveen says: "This dress is perfect for a Summer date! The material is super soft and comfortable, lightweight and moisture wicking which I love!"

Parveen wears her her usual size 4 in full dresses, but notes the sleeves were a little tight and you may need to size up if you are between sizes for a little wiggle room!


'Lovey Dovey' Full Skirt (4) and 'Lovey Dovey' Frill Scarf Top Rose (4)
Parveens says: "If you love the classic 'D'Amour' Frill Top, you'll ADORE this Design! The neckline and scarf collar oozes elegance and romance!"

Parveen recommends your standard size in the top (if you're between sizes, then you can easily size down as the Design is loose fitting). 

Parveen found the Full Skirt true to size and perfect for mixing and matching! Her favourite feature, is of course, those sneaky pockets! 

'Love Dovey' will arrive online and in-stores February 2nd, 9am (AEST)

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  • Edith

    I bought the pink ‘Lovey Dovey’ Scarf Frill Blouse and wear it with my dungarees. Each time I wear it out I get compliments and always say Kitten D’Amour is my favourite shop😻

  • Edith

    I bought the pink ‘Lovey Dovey’ Scarf Frill Blouse and wear it with my dungarees. Each time I wear it out I get compliments and always say Kitten D’Amour is my favourite shop😻

  • Katrina Harris

    I was fortunate to purchase the gorgeous Lovey Dovey Lace Skirt (Rose) today! So Beautiful!

  • Kitten Julie

    These ladies have the best job. Share my pictures please <3 I did my own size guide and it’s on instagram. :)

  • Adelaide T

    I love my Lovey Dovey Red Lace Dress! It was the perfect outfit for my Valentine’s day date, thank you Kittens for your sizing guidance 🙏🏻 😻

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