'La Fleur Nocturne'....the inspiration behind the collection.

Hello Kittens, 

I have some fabulous behind the scenes knowledge for you today! 

I was able to have a sneaky sit down with the lovely design team and Alana 

( Designer of all things Kitten )herself to gain a little bit of insight into the inspiration behind 'La Fleur Nocturne'. ( Flower of The Night )

This collection is all about Elegance, with Deep shades of Purple and Mauve, Decadent Velvet and Divine Lace detailing. 

My most favourite detail of this collection is the pattern…romantic depictions of flowers in bloom....so of course this is where I had to direct my questions. 

Our Kitten design team always finds the stories in our history the most inspiring. And for La Fleur Nocturne, we take you back to the beautiful bespoke GlassHouses of England in the 18th Century. 

These Magnificent glass buildings became the home of many exotic flowers and Botanical specimens that were collected from all parts of the globe. 
The glass structure was the perfect environment in which to control the temperature for these very rare, fussy but beautiful plants.
Glass and Window Taxes were so incredibly expensive that they also became a symbol of wealth and privilege for the age.
They were also home to the elusive Night Blooming Cereus. 
This beautiful flower only bloomed once a year and only in the evening for a wee few hours. 
Large night time gatherings under the stars and the glistening moon would be organised in the Glasshouses of the Victorian elite to witness the debut of this exotic flower. 
By the time the sun came up the flowers of this beautiful specimen would wilt..never to feel the kiss of the morning sunlight on her petals.
It was within this wonderful piece of History that La Fleur Nocturne was created.  


Until next time Kittens, Au Revoir...

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