'La Donna Italiana' - Size Guide

Romance…... The word itself brings to mind images of candle light dinners and stolen kisses under the stars. Men in tailored suits giving the girl of their dreams red roses, or seeing a young couple holding hands while they stare lovingly into each others eyes. Romance is the essence of ‘La Donna Italiana’!

When asked for the driving vision behind these gorgeous designs, Alana had this to say: “I wanted to dress an Italian woman walking through the historic streets of Naples... She would have to be wearing red, a beautiful blue-red that is associated with passion and excitement.”

“The fabric we chose needed to be something that tames the passion and excitement just a little, so that our Italian woman can still show her vulnerability,” Alana explained on her choices for the material which would go on to make such beautiful silhouettes, “There was only one fabric that was going to be able to do this, and it was lace!”
Inspired by romance and designed with such care, ‘La Donna Italiana’ is sure to be the collection on everyone’s lips for years to come.

Welcome to the Kitten D'Amour fitting room!

Join our Head Office Kittens as they try on their favourite Designs from 'La Donna Italiana'! 

Kate Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 117cm, Waist: 96cm, Hips: 119cm, Height: 165cm. 
(Kate mentioned that if you have used her as a size reference in the past, be sure to measure again. She is still between 16 and 18, but her measurements have recently gone down). 
'La Donna Italiana' Puff Sleeve Top: Kate wears size 16 in this Design and mentioned the Lace was firm on the arm, so if you would like more movement in the arm, go up a size! 
'La Donna Italiana' Bustle Wiggle Skirt: This is Kate's favourite piece from the 'La Donna Italiana' collection! It's all about that Bustle!
While Kate could comfortably fit into the size 16, she selected the size 18 because there is no stretch in the Lace of this Design and she wanted more room to Wiggle. 
'La Donna Italiana' Jersey Flutter Sleeve Top (Black): Kate prefers the size 16 in this Design because it is stretchy and she likes the fit to be firm to tuck under Skirts. Kate mentioned she is usually self-conscious about her upper-arms, but she found the Ruffle on this Design to be just the right amount of frill and very flattering...her surprise favourite from the 'La Donna Italiana' Tops! 
'La Donna Italiana' Maxi Dress: Kate is wearing a size 18 in this Design. She notes her waist can fit the 16, but she prefers the bust room of the 18. 

Mandie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 98cm, Waist: 80cm, Hips: 106cm, Height: 168cm

'La Donna Italiana' Frill Front Blouse: Mandie wears a size 12 in this Top, however, would recommend Kittens who prefer a more snug Blouse Fit could size down!

'La Donna Italiana' Bustle Wiggle Skirt: Wiggling into a size 12 in this Skirt, Mandie would recommend sizing up if you prefer a little more room to move!

'La Donna Italiana' Tulle Dress: Wearing a size 12 in this Design, Mandie adored the flare on the Tulle Skirt!

'La Donna Italiana' Wiggle Dress: True to Size, Mandie found her standard size 12 a perfect fit!

Courtney Kitten's measurements: Bust: 92cm, Waist: 74cm, Hips: 104cm, Height: 170cm.

'La Donna Italiana' Puff Sleeve Top: Choosing her standard size 10, Courtney adored the Tulle Puffs on these sleeves!

'La Donna Italiana' Bustle Wiggle Skirt: Fitting perfectly in her standard size 10, Courtney noted this Wiggle Skirt has very little stretch!

'La Donna Italiana' Maxi Dress: Courtney found a size 10 in this Maxi the perfect fit, simply loving the adjustable ruffle straps.

'La Donna Italiana' Wiggle Dress: Again Courtney is wearing her standard Kitten D'Amour size 10 and found this Design an excellent fit.

 Tilly Kitten's Measurements: Bust106cm, Waist: 91cm, Hips: 104cm, Height: 166cm

'La Donna Italiana' Jersey Flutter Sleeve Top (Black): Tilly wears her standard Kitten D'Amour size 14 in this Top. Her favourite feature is the adorable ruffle sleeves.

'La Donna Italiana' Bustle Wiggle Skirt: Finding a size 14 to be a great fit, Tilly also notes there is very little stretch in this Design!

'La Donna Italiana' Maxi Dress: Again, Tilly is wearing her Kitten D'Amour size 14 in this Design. 

'La Donna Italiana' Tulle Dress: Loving the deep-V neckline, Tilly found the size 14 fit perfectly!

Sheldyn Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 86cm, Waist: 78cm, Hips: 113cm, Height: 174cm

'La Donna Italiana' Tulle Dress: Wearing a size 10 in this Design Sheldyn simply adored the ruffle sleeves!

'La Donna Italiana' Jersey Flutter Top (Red): Sheldyn notes that the stretch in this jersey meant a size 8 was a wonderful fit! 

'La Donna Italiana' Bustle Wiggle Skirt: Sizing up to a size 14 in the Wiggle Skirt, Sheldyn recommends our curvier Kittens may need to size up! This Design features no stretch!

Courtney, Mandie, Tilly and Sheldyn are always available to assist Kittens with sizing and should you have any sizing queries please contact them via email at online@kittendamour.com or phone (07) 3245 1122. 


  • Jade

    Beautiful collection I love the wiggle dress 😍

  • Edith

    I like dress red and I looked for dresses red again can you looked dress get dress for me please

  • Linda

    Thank you for posting in advance on different shapes. Maxi dress for me!!

  • Natalie

    Any size 8 reference? <3

  • Dina

    Oh this is just beautiful! Thank you for the assistance with fits lovely Kittens xx

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