'French Vacation' Outfit Inspiration and Size Guide!

Nestled along the Mediterranean coastline, there exists a place of undeniable charm and sophistication….this idyllic 'French Vacation' destination is known as The Côte d’Azur.

The French Riviera has been a favoured Holiday destination for the wealthy and renowned for more than a century.  

The French Riviera is a place that Veronique longed to explore.  Her travel case had been packed for weeks, full to the brim with vintage dresses and wiggle skirts, which she knew would be perfect for her ‘French Vacation’!

For artists, writers, Hollywood celebrities, and even royalty, the alluring call of the South of France has always been impossible to resist. From the glittering casinos of Monte Carlo to the stylish boutiques of Nice, the French Riviera has always been synonymous with opulence and high society. Walking down the glamorous Promenade des Anglaise in Nice, Veronique imagined the elegant soirées and gatherings that had graced these boulevards over the years.

The birth of the Cannes Film Festival in 1946 only added to its allure, cementing its reputation as the ultimate destination for the world's most distinguished stars. Standing on the red carpet at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, Veronique felt a sense of history and stardom that had become a part of this place.

The French Riviera, brimming with allure and sophistication, beckons the world as a sanctuary for those who crave beauty and elegance. Its history is captivating, interwoven with iconic figures from the realms of cinema, music, and fashion who all left their indelible mark on this…the ultimate ‘French Vacation’ destination.

From Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot to Sophia Loren and the captivating Audrey Hepburn, these luminaries made the small towns dotted around the Côte d'Azur their refuge, forever establishing the region as a haven for high society. In the charming town of Saint-Tropez, Veronique stumbled upon a quaint café where Brigitte Bardot had once sipped espresso….how exciting!

Each location is steeped in silver-screen history: the palace where Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier during the Cannes Film Festival, the beach where Brigitte Bardot frolicked in her iconic bikini while filming "And God Created Woman," the casino where James Bond played Baccarat in "Golden Eye," and the breathtaking Corniche Road that Cary Grant and Grace Kelly drove along in "To Catch a Thief." Walking down the very Corniche Road, her ‘French Vacation’ Bow Dress fluttering in the sea breeze as she walked, she could almost picture Cary Grant's debonair smile and Grace Kelly's elegant grace as they wound their way along the cliffside.

From this inspiration comes 'French Vacation', a charming vintage collection in pink broderie anglaise embroidered in off-white stitching. Featuring playsuits, dresses, vintage lace, and, of course, the classic wiggle dress, this 1950s style collection also includes fascinators, sun hats, gloves and shoes, perfectly embodying quintessential vintage French style. 

Veronique couldn't resist indulging in a few timeless pieces, reminiscent of the chic fashion that once graced the boulevards of Cannes and Nice.  She could just imagine donning the French Vacation’ Playsuit for a day aboard a yacht, before wrapping the coordinating skirt around her waist as she watched the sun finally sink below the horizon. C’est adorable!

Join Kitten D’Amour for a ‘French Vacation’, visiting the haunts of the celebrities, socialites, and royals who forever transformed the French Riviera.  Wiggle your way along the promenade in your beautiful ‘French Vacation’ Wiggle Dress, your ‘French Vacation’ Large Fascinator perched just so atop your curls!  Or perhaps sun yourself in the ‘French Vacation’ Dress as you sip your Kir Royale, lounging on the beaches of Antibes. 


Please join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour, as they try on their favourite 'French Vacation' designs!

Jess Kitten: Bust – 83cm / Waist – 63cm / Hips – 89cm / Height – 167cm

‘French Vacation’ Bow Dress (4): The ‘French Vacation’ Bow Dress was a very comfortable fit and the material fell beautifully on the figure. Jess loved the belt, which she felt was a stunning feature alongside the peek-a-boo style top. Jess wore this design with a petticoat for added fullness.

‘French Vacation’ Classic Top (Pink) (4): Jess loved the ‘French Vacation’ Classic Top in pink, especially paired with the ‘French Vacation’ Full Skirt!  She loved how the elasticated sleeves gave extra room for movement, and that the adjustable straps allowed for the perfect fit! Jess wore her usual size 4 in this design, noting that the fabric had a lot of stretch.

‘French Vacation’ Full Skirt (4): Jess found the French Vacation’ Full Skirt was a delight to wear, and the 100% cotton meant it was light, breathable, and draped beautifully.  Jess loved styling her Full Skirt with two petticoats for extra fullness!

‘French Vacation’ Playsuit Set (4): Jess found this playsuit to be extremely comfortable with a light and breathable material. The design is fantastic, providing room in all the right areas but still providing that seamless fitted cut. Jess adored the matching skirt, loving the additional styling opportunities it offers! 

Isabella Kitten: Bust – 102cm / Waist – 78cm / Hips – 108cm / Height – 157cm

‘French Vacation’ Wiggle Dress (10): Isabella is normally in between a 10 or 12 in wiggle dresses, but she wore her normal size 10 in this gorgeous design. She found the material to be pleasantly stretchy, whilst still being firm and fitted on the body. It is also lightweight, perfect for the warmer months. Isabella found she could wear the dress without a bra, as the dress is a firm fit and the straps are adjustable.
‘French Vacation’ Bow Dress (10):  Isabella wore her normal size 10 in this design. As this dress is a full dress, Isabella loved how the belt fit her waist and then flared out, creating a stunning silhouette. The material is breathable with an inner lining and features adjustable straps. Oh, and there's hidden pockets!

‘French Vacation’ Classic Top (Off White) (10): Isabella absolutely loves this top and the gorgeous crossover collar neckline. She would love it in every colour! She especially loves the puff sleeves, which are elasticated and stretchy, and oh-so comfortable.  The material is breathable and has some stretch in it. She wore her normal size 10. Isabella was able to wear this design without a bra, as the straps are adjustable, and the material hugs the body beautifully. 
‘French Vacation’ Full Skirt (10): Isabella adores the beautiful, intricate embroidery on the material of the skirt and pockets unique to the gorgeous 'French Vacation' collection. What a perfect skirt for a garden party this summer! Isabella wore her usual size 10 in this design, however found the waistband to be firm with no stretch. If you are in-between sizes Isabella recommends sizing up.  


Brooke Kitten:  Bust - 101cm / Waist - 86cm / Hips - 104 cm / Height - 162cm

‘French Vacation’ Classic Top (white) (12): Brooke found this design to be very comfortable and true to size. She loved how airy the balloon sleeves felt, as they are loosely fitted.  She found there to be quite a bit of stretch to this design.  She feels that if you are not busty, it can accentuate the bust! 

‘French Vacation’ Full Skirt (12): Brooke loved this comfortable design, particularly how cool it felt to wear, thanks to the 100% cotton fabric.  She adored the shallower pockets which she felt were nice and light for summer.  She found the ‘French Vacation’ Full Skirt to be very true to size, with size 12 being her perfect fit!

French Vacation’ Blouse (12): Brooke loved the flattering neckline of this blouse, finding the frills were a beautiful touch even with a bigger bust.  She found the blouse to be true to size and adored pairing this design with the French Vacation’ Classic Wiggle Skirt, as it appeared like a dress!        

‘French Vacation’ Classic Wiggle Skirt (12):  Brooke wore her usual size 12 in the French Vacation’ Classic Wiggle Skirt.  She found it to be extremely flattering, with light and breathable fabric, just perfect for summer!

Parveen Kitten: Bust: 86 cm / Waist: 57 cm / Hips: 92 cm / Height: 157 cm

'French Vacation' Wiggle Dress (4): Think Bridgette Bardot crossed with Barbie, this dress is the ultimate bombshell number! The fabric is light and perfect for summer, with an incredible shape to show off a cinched waist.  Parveen suggests that if you have a wider waist, you might consider sizing up. It has a good amount of stretch to feel like a second skin.

'French Vacation' Bow Dress (4): This classic cut is so flattering and will be perfect for every shape and size. The 'French Vacation' Bow Dress enhances your  beautiful silhouette, while being lightweight for any day outing (or dress up for the evening!). This design has a little stretch but runs smaller so you may need to size up.

Jackie Kitten: Bust- 90cm / Waist- 73cm / Hips- 109cm / Height- 163cm

‘French Vacation’ Blouse (6): Jackie decided to size down in the blouse for a firm fit, however if you are larger in the bust area then your normal size would be perfect. The lightweight fabric is great for summer and feels soft against the skin.

The large front frill sits beautifully, shaping the neckline for a fun festive feel. The 'French Vacation' Blouse will look fabulous with a pair of Kitten denim!

‘French Vacation’ Classic Wiggle Skirt (10): Jackie generally wears a size 10 in a Wiggle Skirt, and the French Vacation’ Classic Wiggle Skirt is no exception. The size 10 offered Jackie the perfect firm fit. This gorgeous lightweight fabric has fabulous stretch for great movement. The colour along with the simple details make this a great staple for every wardrobe.

‘French Vacation’ Dress (8): Jackie chose her usual size 8 for a comfortable fit, however she could have sized down to a 6 for a firmer fit. Jackie adored this perfect shade of pink with its exquisite embroidery detail making for the perfect summer dress. Jackie was most impressed with the extra tea-length for vintage feel.

Jackie feels this dress could be worn for so many fabulous occasions including tea parties, weddings, picnics and that wonderful afternoon stroll on a summer’s day! Jackie paired this gorgeous vacation dress with the ‘Riviera’ Hat for a complete summer outfit!


Kerryn Kitten:  Bust: 93 cm / Waist: 78 cm / Hips: 109 cm / Height: 168 cm

‘French Vacation’ Bow Dress (10): Kerryn loved how just how pretty this dress made her feel, with the darling bows and pleats it features.  She adored the way the belt emphasised her waist!  She found the fabric to have a good deal of stretch and loved the adjustable straps with their pink buckles for a seamless match.  She wore two petticoats for added fullness.  She found this dress to be true to size, wearing her regular size 10 (in a full dress). And… it has pockets, Kittens!

‘French Vacation’ Classic Top (White) (10): What a beautiful design this is!  Kerryn adored the balloon sleeves, and how light and comfortable this top felt to wear.  The fabric has a great deal of stretch, and the fabric is soft and lovely.  Kerryn wore her usual size 10 in this design.

‘French Vacation’ Full Skirt (10): This design is one of Kerryn’s favourites, as it feels sweet and summery.  The ‘French Vacation’ Full Skirt will be coming home with her! Kerryn found this Skirt to be true to size, and wore her usual size 10, however there is no stretch in this fabric and the waistband is firm, so she recommends keeping this in mind when selecting your size.  Oh… and it has pockets!

‘French Vacation’ Blouse (10): The ‘French Vacation’ Blouse is beautifully fitted with a sweet row of buttons down the centre front, and Kerryn found her usual size 10 to be a perfect fit!  The Frill feature feels very luscious, and Kerryn loves it paired with the ‘French Vacation’ Classic Wiggle Skirt.  There is no stretch in this design.

‘French Vacation’ Classic Wiggle Skirt (12): Kerryn adored this gorgeous Wiggle Skirt!  She found the shaped waistband and panelling to be very flattering, skimming her curves perfectly.  Kerryn normally wears a size 12 in a Wiggle Skirt, and this one was no exception.  This design has stretch, for a perfect fit!

Tammy Kitten: Bust - 86cm / Waist - 64cm / Hips - 91cm / Height - 161cm

‘French Vacation’ Bow Dress Size 6:  Tammy wears her usual size 6 in this delightful little pink dress.  Tammy says it’s a classic dress which creates a perfect vintage silhouette!  Tammy has teamed her French Vacation’ Bow Dress with a petticoat for extra fullness to accentuate the waist.  This fabric it so soft and has a beautiful stretch, so very comfortable to wear.  The pretty peek-a-boo and bow detail is a favourite of Tammy’s!

‘French Vacation’ Playsuit Set (6): This Playsuit Set, is definitely Tammy Kitten’s favourite in this collection and yes Kittens, it is a gorgeous little set!

This matching skirt is so fabulous and can take you from beach-side summer walks to your favourite restaurant.  By popping the pretty skirt over the Playsuit and a petticoat it becomes an entirely different outfit!

The broderie anglaise in musk pink is so very beautiful, and the length of the Playsuit is just perfect!  Tammy suggests choosing your usual size, as she found it to be true to size.  Tammy is wearing her usual size 6.

‘French Vacation’ Classic Top (Pink) (6): The classic top has a lovely stretch and is a very comfortable fit, and the elastic on the arms is comfortable and not tight. With the adjustable straps you can have the perfect fit.  Tammy loves the lightweight fabric, deeming it perfect for summertime! The puffy sleeve is just so pretty and great for those Kittens that love a sleeve.  Tammy is wearing her usual size 6!

French Vacation’ Full Skirt (6):  The skirt is very flattering and the broderie anglaise fabric is so very beautiful. Nipped in at the waist with a lovely waist band, the white trim really accentuates your waist.  The pocket detail is also very pretty.  With a soft lace trim on the edge of the pockets, it really is a beautiful feature.  Tammy wears a size 6.

'French Vacation' is so very gorgeous, Kittens!





  • Katie

    This is so pretty and so feminine!

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    I want the French version bow dress so much) i tried it on but now i must save my money because i bought Le JArdin buster dress 😭

  • Maxine

    I love these size guides as I don’t live near a store and so these become invaluable!!

  • Sierra

    I’ve asked Santa for the French vacation playsuit set this year… time to find out if I’ve made his Nice or Naughty list!

  • janette tilgner

    Gorgeous I just love the pink.

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