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'D'Amour Denim' - Size Guide!

by Mandie Kitten on 1 Comment


Welcome to the Kitten D'Amour fitting room!

Join our Kittens as they try on their favourite 'D'Amour Denim' Jeans! 

Mandie Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 97cm, Waist: 79cm, Hips: 106cm, Height: 168cm

'Santa Fe Denim Jeans': Wearing her normal size 12, Mandie found these NEW Jeans an excellent fit. Simply loving the idea of adding a 7/8 length pair of 'D'Amour Denim' to her Kitten wardrobe. 

'Boston Corset Jean (Dark Denim)': Again Mandie found a size 12 to fit perfectly, with a high-waist designed to 'cinch' in at the waist for a beautiful hourglass look. 

'Florida Jean': Fitting into a size 12 in the Florida Jeans as well, Mandie was delighted to see a previous Kitten favourite return!

Sheldyn Kitten's Measurements: Bust: 91cm, Waist: 79cm, Hips: 113cm, Height: 172cm

'Boston Corset Jean (Light Denim)': Finding a size 12 to be a great fit in these Jeans, Sheldyn cuffed the hem to suit her height and for a lovely vintage look!

'Texas Jeans (Dark Denim)': Wearing a size 12 in the 'Texas Jeans' as well, Sheldyn just adored how these Jeans were a perfect match for her 'An Affair To Remember X-Over Top'. 

'Santa Fe Denim Jeans': Finding the 7/8 length to be simply perfect... Sheldyn found her favourite 'D'Amour Denim'! Again Sheldyn fit perfectly into a size 12. 

Mandie and Sheldyn are always available to assist Kittens with sizing and should you have any sizing queries please contact them via email at or phone (07) 3245 1122.

1 Comment

  • by Kylie Ann Rogan on

    Could you please do sizing for short ladies. I am only 153cms, normally a size 12

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