Behind The Scenes featuring our Melbourne boutique and a first look at the New Kitten Wallpaper!!

Hello Kittens, 

I am here today to share with you some gorgeous feature photos from our exciting new Melbourne boutique in Melbourne Central. With our Grand Opening, just over one week away (the 22nd of May, for all our curious Kittens), the darling Kate has been able to share with me some sneaky photos!

The Kitten Head Quarters have been giddy with excitement over the launch and what has truly captured our Kittens hearts is the divine new Kitten Wallpaper we had specially designed for our new Melbourne Boutique! 

Kittens who have visited our boutiques before, may have noticed that all of our boutiques are separated into gorgeous 'themed' rooms.


Each themed room is decorated with a period of time in mind, from the "Sherlock Holmes" room to the decadent era of the "Marie Antoinette" room!

We would love to take you through the journey of our past collections that inspired the beautiful bespoke Wallpaper you will find in our new Melbourne Boutique.

And to start our Wallpaper journey we have....."My Giddy Aunt" 

Long time Kitten fans may remember our 'My Giddy Aunt' collection from 2019. 'My Giddy Aunt' featured four elegant ladies from the 1950's dressed to the nines and out on the town ready for some fun.



Moving onto the next 'themed' room, another wonderfully fun collection from a more recent launch...welcome 'La Petite Boutique'. Launched in early 2020, this lovely collection featured the most adorable cartoon Kitten boutique.

We were also very fortunate to be blessed with the presence of a very special Kitten D’Amour Model..Monte the Maltese Shihtzu.


Saving the very best for last....the fitting rooms!

As many of us would know many hours have been spent, and many Kitten selfies have been taken in our divine fitting rooms

For this very reason it is important that our change rooms never disappoint. Our Melbourne Boutique fitting rooms will be adorned with the beautiful "Madame Butterfly" Wallpaper.



Ever so elegant this gorgeous print features adorable Cherubs frolicking in beautiful blooming flowers, with gorgeous rows of detailed patterned trim throughout. I fell head over heels in love from the moment I saw this collection and I am so excited to be able to have this design immortalised in the fabulous wallpaper of our Melbourne boutique. 

And our new Melbourne boutique wouldn't be complete without a 'Parisienne' themed room. Decorated with Eiffel Tower Wallpaper, you will truly feel transported back in time.

Tune in next week Kittens for more sneak peeks and some behind the scenes photos of our gorgeous Melbourne Boutique.

Until next time Kittens, Au Revoir.....



  • Donna Spillane

    I came into Melbourne’s beautiful new store yesterday with my two darling daughters. My eldest daughter is trans and has only recently come out. The sales staff made her feel like a princess and she was walking on air when we left. The dresses, skirts and tops we bought are stunning and my youngest is going back in today to purchase the gorgeous dress that she dreamed about all night! Thank you ladies for being so welcoming.

  • Yasmin Rose

    Hello lovely Courtney Kitten xo

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