Behind the scenes featuring 'La Fleur Nocturne' Hair and Make-Up

With the launch of 'La Fleur Nocturne' coming up so very quickly (on the 6th of May, for all of our curious Kittens), we have been busy ensuring this collection is ready for her exciting launch.
And my favourite preparation for a collection launch is...The Photoshoot!!!
Seeing these clothes in person and styled ever so fabulously, only adds to my ever increasing excitement. The gorgeous 'La Fleur Nocturne' collection is arriving with over 25 different designs, and each one jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
The darling Abbey Maher joined us for our 'La Fleur Nocturne' photoshoot, Kittens who have been with us a while might remember Abbey from our 'Abandon Ship' collection shoot. We adored this photoshoot so very much, we simply had to have her back to bring life to the divine 'La Fleur Nocturne' collection.
One of the main features for any photoshoot is of course...the hair and make-up. (Which is undoubtedly one of my favourite parts). Our darling Hair and Make-Up Artist, Sarah Harrington @sarah_harrington_  has been working with us for many years, and is absolutely phenomenal at what she does.
Working her magic in the Kitten D'Amour Head Quarters in Brisbane I was able to sneakily find out Sarah's key products used to create this gorgeous 'La Fleur Nocturne' make-up and hair look.
For flawless skin, Sarah opts for the 'Forever Skin Glow' by Dior, dusted with the 'Glow Translucent' by Laura Mercier.
With stunning Contour and Blush defined with the 'Laguna' and 'Bumpy Ride' Nars products.
Moving onto to the enchanting eyes, Sarah has artfully blended the 'Desert Dusk' palette by Huda Beauty, emboldened by 'Black' eye liner by Inglot and adorned with the 'Medium Individual Lashes' by Silk Oil of Morocco.
Completing this look is of course the lips! Using the 'Plum' lip liner by Mac Cosmetics and making this shine with the 'Glass Bomb' gloss by Fenty Beauty.
All brought together with the fabulously styled hair, created using the 'H2d Hair Care' wand.
We have just fallen head over heels in love with this look, and cannot wait to share even more sneak peeks from this exciting photoshoot! 
Until next time Kittens, Au Revoir....

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