Firstly Kittens, let me start by saying that pictures do not do this Green Tartan justice! In person this gorgeous fabric is smooth, sleek and so vibrant! 

The main fabric is Cotton with a hint of Spandex and is incredibly comfortable to wear. I usually fluctuate between a size 6-8 in most Kitten D'Amour collections & I found in this collection I was a true size 6 (due to the extra wiggle room)! The fabric shapes the body rather than squishes!


The only 3 items from this collection that I found a slightly different fit for me were
the Tartan Capri Pants, Full Button Dress and Pinafore Pants

The Capri Pants were tighter on the thigh and had a bit more room around the waist, so you may need to go up a size for a little thigh room!

The Button Dress had a bit more room in the bust area and I found that putting a brooch in the centre or wearing a lovely lace trim singlet underneath finished off this look for me. 

The Pinafore Pants have 3 adjustable buttons, which is perfect to add length (if you're 5’7-5’8) like me! If you are taller you may need to go up a size to add length in the torso.



The D’Amour Velvet Tie Front Top I matched with my Tartan Wiggle & can I just say “WOW” ! 

This is my absolute favourite from the collection! I felt like royalty in the extravagant Velvet Top...it really is the perfect combination of style & elegance. It can be worn for a special occasion but also dresses down beautifully with Jeans. Any way you wear it, you're sure to be the focal point of the room! 

I did have to size up to the 8 in the D’Amour Velvet Tie Front Top as the main fabric is polyester with rayon, which means it will feel like heaven to touch but that it doesn’t have the same stretch as the the other items from this collection.

If you have a larger bust then check the size chart & look at going up a size.

You can also call me at Pacific Fair Kitten D'Amour and I can help find the right size for you!

(07) 5592 3419 

All in all, a stunning collection and very true to size for most pieces! xo


Visit Elly Kitten at Kitten D'Amour Pacific Fair!

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