To become a Kitten D’Amour VIP / Elite member, simply spend $2000 within a three month period. If you only shop in-store & online with us we will have a record of all of your purchases however so please make sure you scan in your Kitten Rewards card with every purchase.

If you believe you have spent $2000 or more within a three month period simply contact to have your VIK status approved. Once you have been approved your store account will be updated and you will be able to access your 15% discount* in-store and online.  

If you are already a member of our exclusive Kitten D’Amour Elite Club, your 15% discount* will be automatically deducted at the check-out page. If you have lost your password or if you are a VIP Elite customer and your discount is not being applied, please contact us at

*This discount does not apply to already reduced items, gift vouchers & some select items. Your VIK discount cannot be used in conjunction with any 'Kitty Cash' vouchers. In upgrading to a 'Kitten D'Amour Elite' account, you understand any points you have accrued through our 'Kitten D'Amour Rewards' program will be forfeited. 

Kitten D'Amour does not allow the selling, transferring or sharing of VIK discounts to other Kittens. If a guest has sold/transferred or shared their VIP discounts or attempted to, both parties involved may be removed from the 'Kitten D'Amour VIK' program. 

Please note: VIK accounts that are inactive for a period of 24 months or more, will no longer be eligible to receive the benefits associated with a VIK account. Should this period of inactivity pass, the account in question will automatically be removed from the 'Kitten D'Amour VIK' program.  



Our ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ members can unlock 'Kitty Cash' discounts on full price purchases!

When you make an online or in-store purchase you will automatically be added to ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ through your provided e-mail address. Please make sure you select ‘accepts marketing’. (If you do not select ‘accepts marketing’ you won’t receive your Kitten D’Amour Rewards)!

You will collect 1 ‘Kitten Reward’ point for every dollar you spend on full price items. Collect 300 points and you will be eligible to receive a $25 ‘Kitty Cash’ discount to use online or in our Boutiques on your next full price purchase.




There are a few other ways you can earn even more ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ Points!

You can collect more points by completing your ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ profile. Be sure to add in your Birthday so you receive your $25 Birthday Voucher!


'Made Our Day' Reward! 

Kitten D'Amour read each and every review you send through and reply to all of them! Sometimes a lovely review just 'makes our day'!

Once a week we select a review that has 'Made Our Day' & give that Kitten a bonus 300 ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ Points which equals a $25 Voucher! Or a manually issued $25 voucher for VIKS!

Thank you for making us smile!




Online: You can check your ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ account online be selecting the ‘CHECK REWARDS’ button visible in the middle left side of your screen. Once you have logged in you can ‘claim’ a reward depending on the amount of points you have.

Enter the reward code when checking out and your ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ will be applied.

In-store: The in-store Kittens will enter your ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ card or e-mail address when checking out and your Rewards will appear on their screen and can be applied to your purchase.

If your ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ do not appear on screen automatically, this is because you have ‘claimed’ them via e-mail but haven’t applied them yet. Please present the code that was sent to you in your claim e-mail.





‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, special offer, sale item or Gift Voucher purchase. Some other product exclusions may apply.

Current exclusions include:

Sale Items

Follies Items

Gift Vouchers

Room Sprays

Essential Oils

Essential Oils Diffuser

Reed Diffuser 

*Some other product exclusions may apply. Please see item descriptions or check with your in-store Kittens.

‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ expire after 90 days of being claimed. Unfortunately, Kitten D'Amour cannot extend expired vouchers or points, so please be sure to use your vouchers within 90 days.

Please make sure you are registered to 'accept' marketing and you will receive a courtesy e-mail before your ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ are about to expire so you don't miss out!

Promotional codes & coupons such as: ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ cannot be reimbursed as store credits. However, these discounts can be exchanged to the value of a qualifying item within 28 days of purchase. If you return your item for a store credit you will forfeit your ‘Kitten D’Amour Rewards’ discount in that return. You will only be credited the amount that you have paid.

Kitten D'Amour does not allow the selling or transferring of 'Kitty Cash' or VIK Discounts to other Kittens. If a guest has sold/given away their Kitty Cash/VIK  discount or attempts to, both parties involved may be removed from the 'Kitten D'Amour Rewards' program.

If you’re unsure of any of the above terms & conditions, please contact

These Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time with reasonable notice, if possible.

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