Kitten D'Amour Essential Oil Diffuser

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The beautiful Kitten D'Amour 'diffuseur de parfum' has arrived!

These incredible diffusers make the ideal way for you to enjoy the unique and exquisite fragrances created by Kitten D'Amour in the form of mist, emitted from the diffuser. 

Created to the highest of standards, these truly unique diffusers have been designed by Kitten D'Amour and feature a host of features.

Kitten D'Amour diffusers are extremely economical to run, the LED coloured lights can be set so you can display the colour of your choice at various intensities of brightness.

Colours include Dark Blue, Light Blue, Aqua, Green, Olive, Red, Pink and Purple.

The combination of soft lighting, delicate mist and the beautiful design of the diffuser itself will create the perfect ambiance in your home.

This Diffuser operates manually by buttons located at the front of the unit. It has a range of settings for mist level and colour changing or static LED lighting. 

The Diffuser will turn off once minimum water levels are reached.

No chemicals or heat is required.

Use tap water to vaporise your favourite Kitten D'Amour Scent Oil.

Kitten D'Amour scented oil is sold separately, including 'Paris', the signature Kitten D'Amour fragrance used in each Kitten D'Amour Boutique.

Each Kitten D'Amour Diffuser comes with a One year Warranty.

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